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Apr 12, 2011
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Iraqi Commentators Come to Blows Discussing the Legacy of Saddam Hussein

#2900 | 01:26
Source: Democracy TV (U.K./Iraq)

Following are excerpts from two Iraqi commentators discussing the legacy of Saddam Hussein on Democracy TV on April 13, 2011:

Iraqi commentator A: I will chop off your tongue if you talk about Saddam...

Iraqi commentator B: Eat shit, I will talk about Saddam...

The two commentators proceed to exchange blows

Title of show: "The Democratic Club"

The voices of the two commentators are heard:

Iraqi commentator A: Come here, you son of a bitch... You dog... You lowlife...

Iraqi commentator B: You son of a bitch, you have no honor, you son-of-a-bitch dog...

Iraqi commentator A: To hell with you, with Iran, and with every Shiite created by Allah... Your sister is a whore...

Iraqi commentator B: Your own sister is a whore, you dog...

Iraqi commentator A: You son of a bitch...

Iraqi commentator B: You dog...

Iraqi commentator A: You Iranian... You despicable dog...

Iraqi commentator B: You are despicable...

Iraqi commentator A: To hell with you, you have no honor...


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