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Jun 10, 2009
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Iraqi Cleric Sheik Ahmad Al-Kubeisi: No One Believes the 9/11 Story Anymore; Americans Respect a Strong Enemy

#2235 | 05:14
Source: Decision Makers TV (UAE)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Iraqi cleric Sheik Ahmad Al-Kubeisi, which aired on Decision Makers TV on June 10, 2009.

Ahmad Al-Kubeisi: No one with a grain of sense believes in the story of 9/11 anymore. Therefore, the entire world appeals to the Americans: These four planes, with 500 people on board... Let them give the names and identity of the people on these planes. They have nothing! Maybe two, three, or four... Newspapers in France and even in Israel have written about this. They said it was all lies and deception, but woe to anyone who says it out in the open. People keep quiet, according to their master's orders. He does not have any influence whatsoever. They built him an office and provided him with media coverage, but he has nothing. It's not like with us Arabs, where the president or king is everything. No. this is not the case [in the U.S.].

The U.S. is, in fact, run by a clandestine power, with strategies and plans of its own, as well as huge strategic depth. If they want to know anything about you, within two seconds, they know everything about you, your father, grandfather, and grandmother – 50 generations back. I'll tell you something, if you promise not to laugh. I am a regular guy. I never knew that my great great grandfather had married my great grandmother, for only seven days, and then she had my father [sic]. I didn't know that. One of them told me. These are things that happened 100 years ago. A hundred years ago we lived in a remote village named Kubeisa, which does not appear in history books. They know that my grandfather married my grandmother for a week. Why only one week? Because his other wife was a difficult woman, and she told him to divorce my grandmother. She was pregnant with my grandfather, and my father came later. I am 70 years old, and I never knew this. But they did.

Are the Americans really ruled by Bush?! This is inconceivable, brother. Bush is only a façade, and so is Obama. Why do I like Obama? This is a black man who has been able to slap history on the back of its neck, and to teach it that white skin is not a privilege. This black man has managed to overcome all the familiar obstacles.


[Obama is steered by] that terrible, black, dark lobby, which can erase the entire world at the push of a button. You cannot see it, you cannot recognize it. Clinton, who ruled planet Earth in its entirety, could not find a four-meter-square room in which to consummate his rights with what's-her-name? What was his girlfriend's name? Say it, don't be afraid... Monica. This man, who ruled the world, and who could destroy it 50 times over at the push of a button, was unable to find two square meters in which to hide from this lobby. They took pictures of it all, and said to him: by all means. Albright said: I pitied him. I went in and found him crying. The U.S. president was reduced to tears by this lobby. As far as the lobby is concerned, the U.S. president is as worthless as a bug, which can be either squashed or turned into an elephant.


The Americans respect a strong enemy more than a cowardly friend. What's-his-name... Hosni Mubarak once complained: "I went to America and no one recognized me, but all the American people know about Saddam Hussein." This is true. The Americans are real men. They broke the Indians' necks and settled in their place. No big deal. These people deal only with the strong. If you are strong, they give you what you want, without being sensitive about it. They don't get mad like we do. For them, business is business.


The Americans and English will not get out of what they did in Iraq scot free. This is not idle talk. Like they themselves say: Wait and see.


All the resources of the world are to be found in Iraq – water, rivers, raw materials, oil, phosphates, mercury, and gold. Did you know that the Iraqi gold and petrol are sufficient for the entire world? Did you know that the Iraqi uranium is the only kind in the world that is naturally enriched? A country like that cannot be swallowed up by the U.S.


By Allah, Iraq will rage in the mouths of the Americans and the English until their teeth are broken. If the USSR failed in Afghanistan, which is populated by three million barefoot people, then the U.S. will collapse at the doorstep of Iraq, just like it collapsed in Fallujah, and the Germans collapsed in Leningrad.

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