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Feb 03, 2017
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Iraqi Cleric Ahmad Al-Kubeisi: The Iraqi Army Will Annihilate the Jews in the Battle of Armageddon

#5907 | 01:26
Source: Al-Fallujah TV (Iraq)

Iraqi cleric Sheikh Ahmad Al-Kubeisi said that the Jews were "the driving force" behind everything that has happened to Iraq. He said the there is an "historical enmity" between Iraq and the Jews and that in the battle of Armageddon, "the Iraqi army will annihilate the Jews, not leaving a single Jew in the world." The interview aired on the Iraqi Al-Fallujah TV channel on February 3.


Interviewer: Who bears the responsibility for what has happened to Iraq?


Ahmad Al-Kubeisi: The responsibility lies with the driving force, the Jews. Everything that has happened to Iraq was instigated by the Jews. There is an historical enmity between Iraq and the Jews. They know this, and we know this. It is in their scriptures and in ours. The Quran reads: "We sent against you Our servants, possessed of great military might..." This will come from Iraq. It's the same with them. The Talmud says that Iraq will fight in the battle of Armageddon. The Iraqi army will annihilate the Jews, not leaving a single Jew in the world, and it will restore Jerusalem to the Muslims for the fourth and last time.


Interviewer: The Iraqi army?


Ahmad Al-Kubeisi: Yes, the Iraqi army. So there is an historical enmity...


Interviewer: You say that the driving force is the Jews, or the West in general, but we have the tendency to implement what they dictate us.


Ahmad Al-Kubeisi: We have no such tendency. We are given orders, and we obey.


Interviewer: So why do we do it?


Ahmad Al-Kubeisi: By Allah, they wouldn't make you president, even if your father were Ali bin Abi Taleb, unless they believed that you were a traitor, Only then would they select you to be president.




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