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Feb 24, 2006
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Iraqi Cleric Ahmad Al-Kubeisi: Democracy, Human Rights... It's All Nonsense

#1096 | 01:20
Source: Dubai TVDubai

Following are excerpts from an interview with Iraqi cleric Sheikh Ahmad Al-Kubeisi, which aired on Dubai TV on February 24, 2006.

Sheikh Ahmad Al-Kubeisi: Brother, a Muslim has high moral standards, because he treats all prophets just as his prophet Muhammad. He treats them with the same respect. Despite these high moral standards, they curse and vilify us. We do not make a distinction between the divine messengers. Look how they curse Jesus and Moses, while our regard for them reaches unimaginable heights. Forget about the media and all that nonsense. We are a civilized nation, while they are a barbaric nation.


By Allah, throughout the Christian West, there is not a single person who glorifies Jesus as we do. Similarly, there is not a single Jew on the face of the earth who loves Moses as we do.

Interviewer: A Muslim is considered a heretic if he harms any of the prophets...

Sheikh Ahmad Al-Kubeisi: He is killed - even if he's only joking. If he tells a joke about Moses, even unintentionally, he is killed. This is an affront to religion. That's how a nation of high moral standards should be.


Forget about all the propaganda and the media - democracies and all that nonsense. They talk about democracy, but when Hamas won, they said: We do not accept this. You asked for democracy - this is democracy. Come off it!


Truth is clear, and falsehood is clear. From now on, no one can lie to people - human rights, democracies, and whatever... It's all nonsense... The truth lies with us, and so do human rights, mercy, and justice.

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