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Aug 03, 2020
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Iraqi TV Channel Airs Video Of 'Explosions And Fires Devouring America' That Are Allegedly Being Covered Up By U.S. Media

#8186 | 01:52
Source: Alghadeer TV (Iraq)

On August 3, 2020, Alghadeer TV (Iraq) aired a report about explosions, fires, and military mishaps in the United States that have allegedly been covered up by the media. Saying that the media is focusing on COVID-19 and the elections, the report claimed that whoever controls the media in the U.S. has been deliberately steering attention away from a series of explosions, fires, and disasters that have recently taken place in the United States. The report then listed and showed footage from fires and disasters in chemical plants, power plants, pipelines, and military facilities throughout the United States.

Onscreen text: "Explosions and fires are devouring America. The American media is concerned only with coronavirus and the elections, while a large wave of events is sweeping America - yet these do not get any attention. It seems like whoever controls the American media has chosen to steer away from the explosions and fires that have been hitting America for the past 20 days. Here is a list of the explosions and fires in America that have been covered up: The aircraft carrier 'Bonhomme Richard.' The giant steel plant, 'ArcelorMittal,' in Indiana. The NIPSCO power station in Indiana. The Alchemix chemical plant in Atlanta. The SUKUP steel plant in Ambridge, PA. A Honolulu Coast Guard base in Hawaii. A [fire] in the San Francisco industrial zone [that burned at least 6 large structures]. A freight train carrying chemical materials in Arizona. A gas pipeline and a natural gas storage facility in Texas. A power station explosion and fire in Las Vegas. A fire in the Wheatfield storage facility. A fire in a chemical plant in Michigan. Two fires on board of the JFK and the USS Kearsarge battleships, in addition to 6 fighter jets crashes in 60 days, with two pilots killed. One person dead and eight missing after an amphibious vehicle sank during a military training exercise in San Diego two days ago."

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