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Jul 31, 2008
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Iraqi Ba'th Spokesman "Abu Muhammad": We Will Be Ready to Sit Down with the Occupier in Order to Implement Iraqi Rights

#1871 | 03:34
Source: ANB TV (Lebanon/Jordan/London)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Iraqi Ba'th Party spokesman "Abu Muhammad", which aired on ANB TV on July 31, 2008:

"Abu Muhammad": I say to the Iraqis that Iraq is occupied, and that the political process is null and void. The tribes, the clerics, the public figures, and the NGOs – all the Iraqis, all the Arabs – must never give up on the plan and goal of liberation. Whoever abandons the goal of liberating Iraq, whoever abandons his adherence to Iraqi rights, which are grounded in the plan of liberation and independence, and whoever stops supporting the armed resistance to the best of his ability – is a traitor.


The national Iraqi resistance has its goals. Its main goal... If we go back to the first declaration of the Supreme Command of Jihad and Liberation, headed by the mujahid, comrade 'Izzat Al-Douri, we will see that the goal of the resistance is the complete, full liberation of Iraq and of the Arab nation from any kind of occupation, colonialism, hegemony, extortion, extremism, terrorism, and exploitation, and from any type of subjugation, depravity, and so on. Therefore, this goal, in and of itself, makes the national Iraqi resistance an Arab liberation movement – a movement for the liberation of the Arab nation.

Interviewer: How many of the goals you mentioned, which are laid down in the declaration, have been accomplished?

"Abu Muhammad": As you know, the resistance began to operate in phases. The first phase consists of the attrition of the enemy, and this has been accomplished, Allah be praised, as the enemy itself admits. As I have already said to you and on other media outlets, the resistance has succeeded in wearing down the enemy to a considerable degree. Even the Pentagon admitted that over one-third of the American army have been put out of service – they deserted, committed suicide, were killed, or injured. This has thrown the American army into confusion, and has humiliated and degraded it, and has thwarted the American plan for the region. Therefore, the attrition, which constitutes the first phase of the struggle against the American occupiers, has been accomplished by the brave resistance. The second phase has also been accomplished. The resistance has now begun to attack in certain regions, and it can take control of them and then withdraw at any given moment. The only thing left is the third, decisive, phase, which is to carry out high-profile operations, in order to force the occupying enemy to acknowledge the rights of Iraq, which are laid down in the liberation and independence plan. Following this, the resistance will be willing to sit down with the occupier in order to implement these rights and sign them into effect – and that's it.


Interviewer: Are the police, the Iraqi army, and the "Awakening" councils the enemies of the Iraqi Ba'th Party?

"Abu Muhammad": Absolutely not. Let me be clear: The army, the police, and even the "Awakening" councils were all formed under the auspices of the U.S. in order to implement the American plan, but most of the people who joined these organizations did so as a source of livelihood, due to the difficult circumstances.

Interviewer: So they are not your enemies?

"Abu Muhammad": No, they are not. They are Iraqis, and they are required to support the national Iraqi resistance.

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