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May 25, 2019
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Iraqi Ayatollah Jawad Al-Khalisi: U.S. War with Iran Would Be All-Out Regional War against America, Israel

#7265 | 03:54
Source: The Internet - "Al-Khalisi on YouTube"

Iraqi Ayatollah Jawad Al-Khalisi said that if the U.S. attacks Iran, nobody would be able to ask people to remain patient. In a video uploaded to his YouTube account on May 25, 2019, Ayatollah Al-Khalisi said that even Iraqi or Arab factions and forces that have nothing to do with Iran or that are opposed to Iran would have to get involved if the U.S. attacks Iran, because it would be an opportunity to harm the United States and Israel. He said that a U.S. strike would provide an opportunity for resistance forces to invade northern Israel. He added that such a war would likely turn into an all-out war, or even the "Armageddon" war, and that only an "idiot" would not turn it into an all-out war.

Iraqi Ayatollah Jawad Al-Khalisi: "The many popular Iraqi forces must agree on one thing: we will not be dragged into a war planned by others and in which we will be the ones destroyed, and in which our sons will be the ones getting slaughtered.


"If the American planes and warships hit Iran with missiles, nobody will be allowed to ask people to keep silent and be patient.


"Even factions in Iraq and the Arab world that are not connected to Iran, and that might even have problems with Iran, would not be able to remain neutral if such a battle erupts. They would not be able to watch from the sidelines. They would either support the Americans – which would be a huge disaster – or they would oppose the Americans and consequently... Doesn't the Taliban in Afghanistan fight America today? Is it pro-Iran? On the contrary, it is critical of Iran. Even in sectarian terms... But if such a battle takes place, the Taliban would benefit from it. The Taliban would exploit this to land larger strikes against the Americans. So it is important that we warn the kings, presidents, rulers, and politicians against being deceived by Netanyahu's attempt to drag the region into war. This is the first important issue. Whoever disregards this issue and allows the war to break out will bear the full consequences.


"We are not friends with Israel, may Allah destroy it... However, we can influence the countries of the region, since they are our neighbors – especially Iran, which is close at least to the Iraqi government. We have historical relations [with Iran], and I also pin hopes on the Turkish role.


"If war erupts, it will turn into an all-out war. Perhaps this would be the Battle of Armageddon that the Zionists think about. I don't know...


"When big armies have waged wars throughout history, groups of fighters would wage guerilla warfare and turn the tables. The Americans suffer many crises today. First of all, there is severe discord and a big conflict inside America. What is the name of the well-known U.S. Senator who spoke today? Sands or what...? He said that if there would be a war with Iran, it would be tougher on the Americans than the war with Iraq was.


"If war erupts – only an idiot would not turn it into an all-out war. Because if America strikes anywhere, the resistance force in Lebanon could enter northern Palestine. Everything is ready for that. Today, the resistance force in Palestine and in Gaza is prepared and has missiles. A few days ago, during the last battle, two missiles – Kroker or Kronel or whatever it's called – vanquished Israel. It was Israel that asked to stop the war. The Zionist entity is fragile, but it relies on psychological warfare, intimidation, and terrorism."

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