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Apr 07, 2016
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Iraqi Ayatollah Al-Haeri: People Who Will Oppose the Mahdi Will Become Slaves or Slave Girls, Who Can Be Lent Out to Friends

#5464 | 01:47
Source: The Internet

Iraqi Ayatollah Abdul Karim Al-Haeri, Director of the Karbala Hawza Shiite seminary, said in a video that after the arrival of the Mahdi, it would be permissible to take five or ten slave girls from among those who oppose the imam, and to offer them to friends for sex, when they come over. Al-Haeri recommended this as a means to prevent marital problems: "If his wife asks him where he was, he has no problem [telling her he was with his friend]," he said. Excerpts from the lecture were posted on April 7 on the Facebook page of Beith Al-Wujdan Al-Thaqafi, a group focused on enlightenment and extremism in the Arab and Islamic world.

Following are excerpts

Abdul Karim Al-Haeri: Allah willing, the Mahdi will arrive soon, and if there are people or nations that oppose the imam and fight him, when captured, they will be subject to the laws regarding slaves and slave girls. If someone buys five or ten of these slave girls and keeps them in his home, and then, say, he has friends over, he doesn't give his guest a slave girl with whom he had sex. He has several of them, and he can keep the surplus girls as reserve...

Audience member: The defective ones...

Abdul Karim Al-Haeri: They don't have to be defected. He can allow his guest to have sex with the slave girl. Instead of the friend having to marry the slave girl, and get into problems with his family and so on, he resolves the problem. He goes to his friend's place for half an hour or so at night. He spends an hour there with [the slave girls], and when it's over, he goes back home, and if his wife asks him where he was, he has no problem [telling her he was with his friend]. This is because they are slave girls, and their owner can render them permissible to a third party. He doesn't need a marriage contract.


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