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Aug 17, 2020
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Adel Al-Karaawi, Spokesman For The Iraqi Ansar Allah Militia: The UAE Has Earned The Status Of An Apostate; We Shall Sink It Along With Israel

#8225 | 03:09
Source: Al-Etejah TV (Iraq)

Iraqi Ansar Allah spokesman Adel Al-Karaawi said in an August 17, 2020 address that aired on Al-Etejah TV (Iraq) that the UAE, which he referred to as a nation of conspiracies that has the status of an apostate, is sailing a "ship" of treason by accepting peace with Israel. He said that anybody who accepts peace with Israel has left the fold of Islam, and he warned that this "ship" will be sunk, along with any other countries that are "aboard" it. Al-Karaawi said that the UAE has no place in the world, and he elaborated that the war with the Zionists, who he said are fighting by using the "fake Torah," is a war of Islam and a war between civilizations.

Following are excerpts:


Adel Al-Karaawi: "Anybody who accepts peace with Israel has left the fold of Islam. The country of conspiracies, of evil, and of immorality [the UAE] has joined the ship of shame and disgrace and has sailed into the Gulf. Today or tomorrow, additional countries might jump aboard that ship. Even tonight, the Sudanese government might jump aboard. They think that this ship – the ship of Satan – will bring them to safe havens, but we are saying to them: We will sink this ship, along with its passengers, until it sinks to the bottom of the ocean. You shall be eaten by whales until nothing is left of you. Brothers, some people believe that the war with the Zionists is a war between governments or a war over water, sea, air, or land, but our war with the Zionists is a war of Islam, of faith, and of principle. It is a war between civilizations. They are fighting us with their fake Torah, and we are fighting them with our true Quran, which contains the true words of Allah. For the Muslims and for the truth to win, we need men, equipment, intellect, and hands, and we need a commander and leadership. We have the men, the intellect, and the wisdom, and we have so much equipment that even if all the infidels were to unite, they would not have this much equipment and this many men. We also have the leadership and the commander. This is a warning to anybody who jumps aboard that ship. We will sink it, along with its passengers. According to Islam, the UAE – the country of conspiracies – has the status of an apostate, and everybody knows what that means. We, the Islamic resistance factions, are hereby announcing that we will group the UAE – the country of conspiracies – together with Israel. This is inevitable, and we shall sink Israel just like we shall sink the UAE, along wit whoever is on board that ship of treason."

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