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Jul 18, 2004
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Iraqi Analyst Kazem Al-Qurayshi: CIA Did 9/11 - Twin Towers Exploded From Bottom, Proving They Were Booby-Trapped

#164 | 02:25
Source: Sahar TV (Iran)

Iraqi political analyst Kazem Al-Qurayshi spoke on the Iranian channel Sahar1 TV about 9/11 and terrorism in general. The following are excerpts:

Al-Qurayshi:Al-Zaraqawi, bin-Laden, and Mulla 'Omar, and all the leaders of the Salafi movement are tools created by the British Freemason movement 200 years ago. With these tools they wanted to create a new religion for us, to confront Islam. They filled this new religion with Jewish poison, the Masonic poison. Their religion is manifested by a long beard, a short garment, and killing Muslims.

Do you think that the CIA participated in the events of 9/11, that they attacked the US, killed Americans and humiliated the US in front of the whole world? The explosions of September? It has been three decades since plans to bomb these buildings, the Twins, were made. But they wanted to do it so it would not be in vain. I noticed that the planes hit the upper part of the buildings, but the buildings exploded from the bottom, which proves that they were booby-trapped. Neighboring building also collapsed without being hit by planes.

In order to carry out this plan they dragged fools from the Salafi movement and trained them to fly planes, a few years ago. Does bin-Laden have airfields where he can train them, or what??

Host: Once [the terrorists] are a tool used by America to carry out a plot, and another time America kills this tool and destroys it. Is there no [contradiction]?

Al-Qurayshi: I agree. The head of the tool is connected with the Americans while most of the lower ranks don't know. Arab intelligence apparatuses infiltrated their ranks. We are talking about political and intelligence apparatuses. The lower ranks do not understand. They tell them, "Go commit suicide and you will get 70 black eyed virgins." They cannot get even one black eyed woman, in this world. They tell them, "Our regards to Prophet Muhammad; you'll eat lunch and supper with him ?"

They are abducted at ages 14, 15 with the dollar and the poisoned Fatwa. They go to Pakistan to live an impoverished life of hunger and oppression. A dollar and a poisoned Fatwa? at the ages of 13, 14, 15. Brother, if I may, the extremist youths who are killed these days are in their twenties. When were they abducted? The responsibility for their deaths lies with their governments and societies. The governments spend millions in order to build them up in this way, and their societies applauded them when they went to Afghanistan saying: "Kill an Afghan, and become a Mujaheed."

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