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Sep 24, 2021
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Iraqi Sunni Tribal Leader Sheikh Wissam Al-Hardan At A Peace Conference In Erbil: We Demand To Join The Abraham Accords And To Establish Full Diplomatic Relations Between The Signatories And Israel

#9094 | 02:06
Source: Online Platforms - "Center for Peace Communication on YouTube"

Iraqi Sunni tribal leader Sheikh Wissam Al-Hardan said that he demands that Iraq joins the Abraham Accords and establishes full diplomatic relations with Israel. He made his remarks at the Conference for Peace and Reclamation that was held in Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan on September 24, 2021 and swas posted on the YouTube channel of the Center for Peace Communications. Al-Hardan denounced the injustice carried out against the Jews by banishing them from Iraq. He said: "We refuse to let Iraq fall victim to the mentality of warlords" that destroyed Libya, Yemen, Syria, and Lebanon.

Sheikh Wissam Al-Hardan: "The historical and cross-generational tyranny was manifest in the banishment and displacement, from which the Iraqi Jews suffered seven decades ago. They lost the land which they built and inhabited as their homeland, in Mesopotamia, for 1600 years. This history, which was unjust towards the Jews, severed one of Iraq's arteries. We denounce this injustice in the strongest terms. At the same time, there was ethnic cleansing and genocidal massacres to which six million Jews in Europe fell victim. We see a glimmer of hope in the ability of some Iraqi Jews to rehabilitate their lives and to preserve their traditions through the generations. Most of them are still close to us, and we see them, as neighbors, in Israel.


"We publicly declare that we refuse to let Iraq fall victim to the mentality of warlords that destroyed Libya and Yemen, to the mentality of the tyrants of Syria, or to the scandals and tragedies of Lebanon, which was taken over by militias that spread corruption. On the other hand, we see promising signs of change in the region, especially with regard to the Abraham Accords.


"We demand to establish a federal system in Iraq, and on the global front, we demand to join the Abraham Accords, and, in the words of those accords, to establish full diplomatic relations between the signatories and Israel."

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