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Aug 15, 2021
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Iraqi Shi'ite Scholar Sayyed Hamid Al-Yaseri: Any Iraqi Loyal To A Country Other Than Iraq Is A Traitor; Their Islam Is Not Our Islam, They Follow A Fake Hussein

#9112 | 02:44
Source: Online Platforms - "on Ali Al-Awady on YouTube "

Iraqi Shi'ite scholar Sayyed Hamid Al-Yaseri said that any Iraqi who is allied with Iran and loyal to any country other than Iraq is a traitor. He made his remarks in a public address that was posted on Ali Al-Awady on YouTube on August 15, 2021. Al-Yaseri acknowledged that "some people" will report his words to their masters (in Iran), and they will issue a fatwa to have him and his audience killed, just like the ordinary Iraqis who protested and demanded their rights were deemed "collaborators," and shot to death. He said: "Our Islam is not their Islam... and the Imam Hussein that we follow is not the fake Hussein that they follow."

Sayyed Hamid Al-Yaseri: "Receiving orders, directions, and instructions from behind the border – this is not the doctrine of Imam Hussein. Therefore, we reject these affiliations and this loyalty [to Iran]. We reject them and we declare loud and clear – without fear or hesitation, or anything else that could prevent us from doing so – that whoever is loyal to anyone other than this country is a traitor.


"I know that there are people who write down and record these words, and send it to their masters, who send it to their own masters, across the border. The mufti across the border will issue a fatwa that you and I should be killed, because we undermine loyalty [to Iran], and because we pose a threat to those fake loyalties that will be wiped out one of these days. This will be just like when they issued a ruling and aimed their bullets at the poor men who took to the streets, demanding their rights. They accused them of being collaborators.


"They declared these people to be collaborators, who should die. And indeed, they killed them and they died.


"Our Islam is not their Islam, our religion is not their religion, and the Imam Hussein that we follow is not the fake Hussein that they follow. Our Hussein is divine, whereas theirs is just an empty shell that they follow as long as it suits their interests."

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