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Feb 16, 2014
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Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei: I Am Not Optimistic about Nuclear Talks; US Will Continue to Be an Enemy

#4154 | 04:37
Source: IRINN TV (Iran)

The following are excerpts from a speech delivered by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, which aired on IRINN TV [Iran] on February 17, 2014:

Ali Khamenei: The message of the revolution is that we shall not surrender to bullying and extortion. We shall not surrender to hegemonic order. Hegemonic order means that a few powers control all the weapons and money, and they want to rule the world. The United States is the manifestation of today’s hegemonic order.


The Iranian nation has said during the revolution, in the ensuing events, in the Iran-Iraq War, and on the recent Revolution Day, that we shall not surrender to American bullying and extortion.



Crowd: Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Khamenei is the leader. Death to those who oppose the Rule of the Jurisprudent! Death to America! Death to England! Death to the hypocrites! Death to Israel!



Ali Khamenei: Certain people, who try to conceal the true face of America, should not do so. They should not conceal America’s ugliness, barbarism, and violence against our nation. They try to portray its government as friendly. They should not do so. It is futile.






The American president, with utter insolence, supported the people behind the [2009] strike in Tehran, and he supported them recently once again.






On March 21, 2013, in Mashhad, I declared that I have nothing to say [about the nuclear issue]. Some officials in the previous government, and some in the current government, believe that the nuclear issue can be resolved through negotiations with the US. I said: If you insist on negotiation with them on this specifically – fine. But in the same speech, I said that I was not optimistic. I am not against it, but I am not optimistic.



Look, time after time, the Americans make stupid statements. One dishonorable American senator takes money from the Zionists in order to go to the Senate and curse the Iranian nation. He uses real curses, not just insults. He curses. Even their leaders have insulted Iran, but of course, our people punched them in the mouth on the recent Revolution Day.






The nuclear issue is merely a pretext for enmity. Even if the nuclear issue is resolved one day in line with US expectations – although this is impossible – they will seek something else instead. Note how the American spokespeople have talked about human rights, missiles, weapons, and so on. I am surprised at how the Americans are not ashamed to talk about human rights.






Iran will not violate its agreements and commitments, but the Americans are the enemies of the Islamic Revolution and of Iran. They are the enemies of the flag that you hold high, and these [negotiations] will not bring an end to this enmity.





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