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Nov 16, 2019
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Iranians Protest in the Wake of Increase in Fuel Prices, Burn Police Vehicles, Throw Stones at Policemen, Chant: Death to Khamenei, Death to the Dictator!

#7612 | 03:08
Source: Online Platforms

Numerous videos were uploaded to the Internet depicting the November 2019 protests in Iran in the wake of an increase in fuel prices. The protesters chanted "Death to you Khamenei!", "Death to the dictator!", and "Oh Shah of Iran, come back to Iran!" in the streets. People also burned pictures of Khamenei, burned police buildings and vehicles, and confronted riot police, in some cases by throwing stones at them and cursing them. In one video, a man shouted at a police officer: "Sir, are you not with the people?" In another video, a woman stood on a bridge cursed Supreme Leader Khamenei, Imam Khomeini, and the Iranian government as people cheered her on.

Following are excerpts:


Man 1: Sir, are you not with the people? Sir! Mr. Police! Are you not with the people, brother? What are you coming here for?

Demonstrators: Shame on you! Shame on you!




Man 1: Don't hit! Don't hit! Don't hit! You whoremongers... I'll f*** your mother... Hit those whoremongers.




Man 2: We are in Tabriz. The police bus is burning.




Man 3: This is the traffic police [compound] in Karaj. We are protesting against the rise in fuel prices. The compound has been set on fire, and the cars in the lot are also burning. There is gunfire and people are still standing in front of the compound. Everybody is still here.




Man 4: How lovely! The Leader is on fire!

Man 5: You cuck...

Man 6: Death to the dictator!

Demonstrators: Death to the dictator! Death to the dictator!




Demonstrators: Oh Shah of Iran, come back to Iran! Oh Shah of Iran, come back to Iran!


Man 7: No Gaza, no Lebanon!




Woman 1: Death to you, Khamenei! Damn his filthy regime!




Damn you and your Republic! Damn you, Khamenei! We sacrificed martyrs! I gave my beloved brother, and I'm still waiting for his body!

Woman 2: You are brave! Well said!

Woman 1: I want to scream! I've held it in for 40 years! My father is waiting every day for his son's body! Damn you, Khamenei!

Woman 2: Well said!

Woman 1: Damn you, Khomeini! May you never find rest!




Demonstrators: We have no money or fuel, to Hell with Palestine! We have no money or fuel, to Hell with Palestine! We have no money or fuel, to Hell with Palestine!

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