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Jan 08, 2023
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Iranians Protest Against Impending Executions Of Mohammad Ghobadlou And Mohammad Boroughani: There Will Be An Uprising If You Carry Out The Executions! This Is The Year Of Bloody Uprising, Khamenei Will Be Toppled!

#10045 | 01:18
Source: Online Platforms - "Various Iranian online sources"

This clip is a compilation of footage showing Iranians protesting outside the Rajai-Shahr Prison in Karaj, Iran against the impending executions of protesters 22-year-old Mohammad Ghobadlou and 18-year-old Mohammad Boroughani. The protestors chanted "This is the year of bloody [uprising!] [Khamenei] will be toppled!", "I will kill whoever killed my brother!", and "This is the final warning! There will be an uprising if you carry out the execution!" The protest was also attended by Ghobadlou's mother, who said that her son had been falsely accused of murdering somebody so that the authorities could execute him. The footage in this clip was posted on January 8, 2023 to Iranian dissident journalist Masih Alinejad's Twitter account and to the Iran International Instagram page. According to human rights organizations and activists, the two men have been denied due process.

Chant leader: "This is the year of bloody [uprising]!"

Crowd: "Sayyid Ali [Khamenei] will be toppled!"


Crowd: "I will kill whoever killed my brother!"


Crowd: "Mohammad Ghobadlou must be freed!


Chant leader: "This is the final warning!"


Crowd: "There will be an uprising if you carry out the execution!"


Mohammad Ghobadlou's mother: "The guy was martyred somewhere else, he was martyred in Robat Karim [in Tehran Province] but they are adding the charges [for his killing] to my son's case. They added these charges so they could execute my son."

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