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Aug 01, 2010
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Iranian Website Displays Antisemitic Cartoons about the Holocaust

#2903 | 11:13
Source: Online Platforms

Following are excerpts of cartoons posted on an Iranian website called "Holocartoons," posted on the Internet in August 2010.

Cartoon showing Jews putting themselves into gas chambers, with the number of victims constantly rising until it reaches six million.

Caption: “The Germans suffocated 6,000,000 Jews in a gas chamber with an area of 210 square miles.”

Cartoon of ATM/‘Holocaust Memorial’ throwing money at Jew.

Caption: “After the Second World War, the people of the world accepted to pay restitution to the Jews until the year 2030, or until the end of time if necessary.”

Cartoon showing chef chopping up carrot and potatoes and boiling them in a pot displaying a Star of David over a flame displaying a swastika and the word GAZ.

Cartoon showing Jewish man in hospital breathing from Zyklone B with Nazi symbol on it.

Caption: “The Germans used a gas called ‘Zyclon B,’ an extra strong pediculicide for suffocating the Jews.”

Cartoon showing a Nazi officer putting on different mustaches, the last being a Star of David:

Caption: Hitler was a German racist, well dressed, a starter of wars, and worse than all a person who suffocated the Jews.

Cartoon showing a Jew going into a gas chamber with a peace sign on the door, and two Jews coming out. The second time, the Jews emerge with suitcases.

Caption: Hitler and his collaborators had killed 6,000,000 of the 5,400,000 Jews living in Europe at the time and another 3,000,000 Jews were without homes.

Cartoon showing a Jewish bird flying to different nests. Eventually, it picks a nest on a tree with a swastika and lays an egg with Holocaust written on it.

Caption: The Jews were a wandering nation during the history.

Cartoon shows a plane crashing, a Jewish solider coming out with a gun and breathing out of a Zyclone B tank with a swastika on it.

A Jewish man chokes, takes out an inhaler with a swastika and Zyklone B painted on it, and making a recovery.

Caption: “The Germans used a gas called ‘Zyclon B’ an extra strong pediculicide for suffocating the Jews.”

Group of Jewish men carry a casket with Holocaust written on it to Palestine, bombs come out of the casket, destroying Palestine.

Caption: “The land of Palestine was totally empty of any inhabitants and was settled by the Zionist Jews”

Air is sprayed out of a container ‘Gaza’, a Jewish creature inhales it and laughs…

Ending credits.


Cow with the word "Europe" written on it is milked by contraption with Holocaust written on it, until cow withers away entirely, controlled by Jew.

Caption: After the Second World War, the Zionist Jews only accepted 100,000,000,000 dollars as their restitution and overlooked the rest in the way of God.”

Israeli magician creates bomb, explosive, chamber ,and rolled up parchment with TOP SECRET: HOLOCAUST written on it, comes out of hat.

Caption: Many credible documents have remained from Holocaust


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