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May 22, 2020
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Iranian Video Titled 'COVID-1948' Compares Israel To Coronavirus: Like Coronavirus, Israel Should Be Fought By Boosting Our Abilities; We Must Rid The World Of This Virus Forever

#8042 | 02:43
Source: Channel 2 (Iran)

On May 22, 2020, Channel 2 (Iran) aired a video titled "COVID-1948" comparing Israel to the coronavirus. The narrator said that the world has been shocked that coronavirus has prevented children from going out to play while Israel has been bombing hospitals and killing children. He said that it is clear in which "lab" Israel was created and added that becoming stronger and increasing solidarity and unity can defeat Israel just as it can defeat COVID-19. He said: "It is enough for the freedom-seeking countries of the world to join hearts [to] rid the world of this virus forever."

Narrator: "Virus: A small thing that causes diseases. In order to reproduce, it needs a live cell of a host, a body, a living being, or maybe a living civilization. Yes, maybe a civilization.


"As scientists were making efforts to understand viruses, a dangerous epidemic and 'virus' had been taking form, and no one had been able to identify it. It gradually spread, and in 1948, it was recognized by the UN: COVID-1948.


"It is surprising that COVID-19 has amazed the world, since it is much less potent and much more limited in scope than COVID-1948 - or better yet, the virus of Israel. World opinion is shocked as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, since children have been locked in their homes and can't go out and play. Hospitals are becoming the world's holiest places and nurses are becoming the world's superheroes. But for over 70 years, the world has been ignoring the oppressive virus of Israel, which affects [Palestinian] civilization and its children. Its hospitals have been demolished by the bombings carried out by this virus, and for years, its children have been locked in their homes for fear of missile attacks - that is, if they are still alive. While the coronavirus limited people's movement in the cities for a few days, for years COVID-1948 has been interrupting the lives of the oppressed Palestinians and it has stolen from them the right to live. The newspapers are discussing whether coronavirus was made in a lab, whereas it was proven long ago in which labs COVID-1948 had been created, and which country has supported it. According to scientists, the best way to fight viruses is to boost the abilities of the host's body. Coronavirus will be defeated because people have been taking it seriously and have made themselves stronger. By means of the solidarity and unity that people have formed and with mutual assistance, coronavirus will be defeated. This is the same thing needed in order to defeat COVID-1948, that is, the virus of Israel. It is enough for the freedom-seeking countries of the world to join hearts and help each other to rid the world of this virus forever."

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