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Jul 14, 2004
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Iranian TV Special on Zionism, The Protocols of The Elders of Zion, and the War in Iraq

#158 | 03:34
Source: IRINN TV (Iran)

The Iranian news channel IRINN TV aired a program on The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and their alleged role in the war in Iraq. Following are excerpts:

In many of these Protocols [the Jews] emphasized the role of economics and the need to control it in order to advance their goals, "We will immediately begin creating vast monopolies in order to accumulate capital and property so that all the means that have turned into a menacing force will be in our exclusive control."

In another reference, they mention the exchange markets, "We must force our control over commerce and industry, as much as we can, especially the stock market, because playing the stock market is like a storm blowing over the industry and paralyzing it.

"What we really need here is for the industry to empty out the farmers' lands. If this continues according to our plan and we reach our goal, all the wealth in the world will fall into our hands. Thus, we will turn all the people in society into laborers. Then, in order to keep on living, they will kneel before us in submission."

They believed that in order to rule the world they must have two tools in their control. The first is gold, symbolizing economic power, and the second is the international media, so they can use them to control public opinion in the various nations.

In this context, in 1886, Rabbi Jeshurun, one of the people who spread Zionism, and propagandized that the Jews are the supreme race and must elevate their status in, and control, the world. He said, "If gold is our first tool to gain control over the world, then the media and press are the second tool. Following this, the Jews gradually began to buy newspapers and magazines all over the world or gain influence over them in some way.

In another place [in the Protocols], they note the following solution to deal with countries that resist Zionism: "Whenever we face opposition, we must be prepared to counter it by instigating wars between those countries and their neighbors. If they all unite against us, we have no choice but to ignite the flame of all-out world war."

Have you already heard of The Protocols of the Jewish Leaders? When you become familiar with these ideas and these protocols, you will also know the ideological roots of the Jewish leaders, whose goal it is to gain control over the material and spiritual resources of the world.

This book was published by the Organization for Culture and Arts of the Tehran municipality. We advise you study it.

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