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Nov 08, 2004
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Iranian TV Show Extols Palestinian Female Suicide Bombers

#377 | 02:32
Source: Sahar TV (Iran)

The following are excerpts from a show aired on Iranian TV extolling six female Palestinian suicide bombers. The heroine of the program is Hanadi Jaradat, who carried out the October 2003 suicide attack at the Maxim restaurant in Haifa:

Hanadi set the reading of the verdict in Haifa. Before the morning prayer she wore her head scarf and wrapped her neck with a belt of gunpowder of pain. Hanadi, is this the light of martyrdom, gleaming from your eyes, or the henna from the blood of Palestine? Hanadi calls to her brothers, "Marry me as a bride to Jerusalem, to Al-Aqsa and to Jenin." Oh the sixth, of the black mares (i.e., female suicide bombers), your veil has become flags that make us proud at the gates of our capitals.

Come hither, many of the Arabs are dormant. Are you a mare, an eagle, or a wave rising from the high seas? Oh virgin, come hither and run wild toward the ruling center. This is Hanadi calling upon us: "Hurry to the aid of Jerusalem and make the final preparations for the wedding." She set the reading of the verdict in Haifa. Oh the sixth of the black mares.

This is Wafaa (Idris), who returned from Jerusalem to Ramlah, and Darin (Abu-'Aysha), who carved her will with a knife. Ayyat (Al-Akhras) of Jerusalem will bring the signs of victory, and she is welcomed by Ilham (Al-Dusuqi). A river is flowing in Jenin and behind and above the wall, 'Andalib (Taqatqa) spreads her wings like an eagle, and the sun of my country starts to risee after Hanadi through the arches of Palestine.

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