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Nov 29, 2007
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Iranian TV Reporters on Board New Submarines

#1634 | 02:24
Source: IRINN TV (Iran)

Following are excerpt from a TV report on a new Iranian submarine, which aired on the Iranian News Channel on November 29, 2007:

Reporter A: We are embarking on another voyage.

Reporter B: This will be a voyage to the depths of the sea.

Reporter A: We are on our way to an experience of a different kind – an experience that makes one feel proud of this Iranian-made product. We are proud to board this submarine, which is entirely Iranian-made. This is the Qadir submarine, which was "born" only a few hours ago in our beloved Iran.

Reporter B: We were the first passengers to board the Qadir. We wanted to learn more about its capabilities, but time was short, and the sun was about to set. Everybody was occupied with their work, submerging and then surfacing the vessel.

We are going under sea, right?

Captain: That's right.

Sailor: We are four meters deep. Four point two. Four point three.


Captain: The submarine can leave its dock in less than four minutes.

Reporter A: He added that the submarine has very advanced electronic and radar systems. Most importantly, this small vessel is equipped with systems for...

Captain: ...launching torpedoes, planting mines, and using shoulder-launched missiles.

Reporter A: Its quick submerging and surfacing capabilities, its small size, and its ability to evade radar detection and enemy fire enable the Qadir to bring naval commandos to the deep sea, to the enemy's hideouts, and back. Now that the Qadir has reached the bottom of the ocean, it is witnessing the first prayer by its devoted sailors.


Captain: Here, in this place, we make a pledge of honor to the proud Iranian people to defend the sea borders of our country with the last drop of our blood.


The Asabehat submarine, which was also built by our young experts, can be carried by any military boat. Even though it is small, it has great capabilities.


This submarine can approach the enemy and destroy it. It can conduct espionage and rescue operations. It can plant sea mines on a large scale.

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