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Jun 02, 2008
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Iranian TV Documentary Series Traces Zionist Themes in Western Movies: "American History X"

#1806 | 02:50
Source: IRINN TV (Iran)

Following are excerpts from an Iranian TV documentary series on Hollywood cinema. The program, which focused on the film "American History X," aired on IRINN on June 2, 2008.

Narrator: One of the propaganda tools used by the Zionists in order to legitimize their occupying regime is the spreading of the belief that the world's Jews are still in danger.


Iranian documentary filmmaker Mohammad-Reza Khosravi-Far: As we see, the Zionists work on the visual memory of people around the world. They shape these concepts in such a way that whenever Nazi Germany is discussed or whenever we see Nazi or Fascist symbols, we have no choice but to remember the Nazi crimes, and acknowledge the enormity of the catastrophe was befell [the Jews] in World War II. This is the lie used by the Zionists to display their oppression.


Iranian film critic Dr. Majid Shah-Hosseini: The Zionist viewpoint in cinematic history refers to a sort of "good guy," who is a white Western man. When they talk about globalization, they mean Westernization. This is not globalization but Westernization. But we are not talking about the entire West. This Westernization is actually Americanization - anything that can be described as part of the American lifestyle. Which America is this? An America that is run by the Zionist companies.


Narrator: In one of the key scenes in this film, we see a physical and verbal conflict between the young man and his mother's Jewish colleague. This scene and dialogue were structured in a way that the viewer, like the mother of this young man, is profoundly ashamed, and even disgusted, by his actions.


Iranian documentary filmmaker Mohammad-Reza Khosravi-Far: After watching "American History X," we realize one thing. A novice actor called Edward Norton plays the leading role in this film. If we examine this actor's recent filmography, we realize how much he was rewarded by the Zionists paid him for acting in this film and serving them so well. We see that after Edward Norton participated in this film in the role of an antisemitic fascist, who realizes his mistake at the end of the film, and dedicates himself to the Zionist community, while expressing his remorse for opposing the Jews, [the Zionists] cast him in his second film with Brad Pitt in a first class move ["Fight Club"].

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