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Jan 04, 2023
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Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei Slams The West For Its Treatment Of Women, But Says Loosely Worn Hijab Does Not Exclude A Woman From The Fold Of Islam Or Iran's Islamic Revolution

#10046 | 02:50
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said at a January 4, 2023 meeting with a group of women ahead of the celebrations of the birthday of Muhammad's daughter Fatima that the West portrays itself as spearheading the struggle for women's rights, even though sexual assault is rampant throughout the West and its institutions. He said that the West has done terrible damage to women's dignity, particularly by sexualizing them, and he said the institution of family has deteriorated fatally and beyond repair in the West. He also told the women that their job is to expose the West's "disastrous views" on sexuality and women. Khamenei added that women who don't wear their hijab properly should not be accused of "having no faith" or being unfaithful to the Islamic Revolution. Khamenei's remarks were aired on Channel 1 (Iran).

Ali Khamenei: "They did everything to persuade women that it was in their advantage to behave in a way that increased their sexual appeal to men. They made every effort... It's a very sad tale.


"This is where the West's insolence becomes apparent in the extent of the damage they have done to the dignity and honor of women while portraying themselves as spearheading the defense of women's rights.


"[The West] is constantly talking about the sexual assaults that are happening, not only in the work environment but also in streets and markets. Even in a hardened and orderly institution such as inside the [Western] armies where women are present, there are assaults.


"One of your most important tasks is to expose Western culture's disastrous views on sexuality and women, and to explain it to everybody.


"If we look at the issue of families in the West – it's a disaster! A disaster! The West has destroyed the family. It has really destroyed it.  


"This snowball cannot be stopped. The family dynamic cannot be repaired. This is fatal.


"You must not accuse the women who do not fully practice [wearing] the hijab of having no faith or of being against the Revolution. No.


"These are our own girls, our own daughters.


"A badly [worn] hijab or a loose hijab is wrong, but they should not lead us to expel [these women] from the scope of our religion and our Revolution."

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