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Mar 01, 2022
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Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei: Ukraine Is A Victim Of America's Greedy Policies; The U.S. Regime Is A Mafia That Creates Crises In Order To Increase Profits From Weapons Industry

#9401 | 04:20
Source: IRINN TV (Iran)

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said in a March 1, 2022 address that was aired on IRINN TV (Iran) that Ukraine has fallen victim to the policies of the United States. He said that greed is the "foundation of life" in Western and American civilization, and that the American regime is a "mafia" that causes crises in order to increase its profits in the weapons trade.  He added that Western civilization is a "modern jahiliyyah [pre-Islamic age of ignorance]" and that it is Iran's duty of Iran to fight against it like the Prophet Muhammad fought against the jahiliyyah of his time.

Ali Khamenei: "Much of the moral wickedness that was prevalent in Mecca and in the Arabian Peninsula and which the Prophet [Muhammad] fought against exists today in the so-called civilized Western world, in a much more organized, extreme, and widespread fashion.


"In general, greed is at the foundation of life in Western civilization. The basis for all Western values nowadays is money. Everything is measured by money.


"So if someone refers to today's Western civilization as 'modern jahiliyyah," and many have done so, he will be correct. It is the very same jahiliyyah but in a renewed and modern style, and it manifests itself nowadays in the world. So what should we do? We should return to the lessons of the Messenger.

"We must act against this jahiliyyah that same way the Prophet Muhammad acted against the jahiliyyah of his time. This is our duty.


"In my view, the most clear and complete example of modern jahiliyyah is America. This jahiliyyah is more acute and horrendous there than anywhere in the world.


"America is the embodiment of modern jahiliyyah, discrimination, and the creation of crises in today's world. In general, the regime of the United States of America is a regime that creates crises and makes a living out of crises.


"The power mafia networks in America live off the different crises in the world. In principle, America is a mafia regime.


"They create crises. If they couldn't create crises, the weapons manufacturers in America would not be able to make optimal profits. Therefore, they have no choice but to cause crises across the world, in order to maximize the profits of these mafias. I believe today, Ukraine has also fallen victim to this policy. What is happening today in Ukraine is connected to this American policy.

"It is America that brought Ukraine to this point, by interfering in Ukraine's internal affairs, creating anti-governmental associations and giving rise to a 'velvet movement' and turning it into a color coup. The presence of American senators among the opposition's [protests], the toppling of one government and forming of another - it is only natural that this would lead to such places."


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