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Oct 13, 2019
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Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei at IRGC Officer Academy Ceremony: We Will Never Give up Our Resistance against America; Soldiers Chant Vows to Destroy Tel Aviv, Haifa

#7541 | 03:48
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said in a speech he delivered at a ceremony at the IRGC’s officer training academy that Iran will never give up in its resistance against America, in which he encouraged the youth of Iran to persist. IRGC members, including special forces soldiers belonging to Quds Force, performed rappelling and marching drills for Khamenei. An IRGC soldier shouted: “Tel Aviv will be destroyed… No remnant of the Saud clan will remain… The Kaaba will be liberated… We respond to your call, oh Khamenei!” Marching soldiers sang: “Death to America! We are the conquerors of Jerusalem and the destroyers of Haifa! Death to Israel!” The ceremony aired on Channel 1 TV (Iran) on October 13 and 14.

Following are excerpts:


Ali Khamenei: There are those who say that Imam Hussein acted in order to rise to power. Even believers say this. They are wrong. There are those who say that he acted in order to become a martyr. I say that he acted in order to fulfill his duty. However, while fulfilling one’s duty, there is the possibility that one will rise to power, and there is nothing wrong with this. There is also the possibility that one will become a martyr, and there is nothing wrong with this, either. The most important thing is to fulfill our duty. This is what the Islamic Republic is facing. This is the reason that we do not give up in our resistance to America.




If we give up, God will bring upon us the same fate and Hell that he decrees for the oppressor.




I say to you, dear young men: Continue down this path with al your power. Move forward. Not only you – all of the young people of the Iranian nation. All the pure hearts and undefiled souls that want to fulfill their godly and human duty on the path to an eternal position of resistance against the enemies of religion and humanity – God will surely support them.




IRGC Soldier: Soon, the city of Tel Aviv will be destroyed! I swear by Allah that no remnant of the Saud clan will remain! The Kaaba will be liberated and the Al-Baqi’ Cemetery will be restored! All who fight against the House of Ali will be annihilated! We are overcoming the obstacles one by one! We have advanced to much that we are nearing the emergence [of the Hidden Imam]! We respond to your call, oh Khamenei!

Soldiers: We respond to your call, oh Khamenei!




Presented: We are currently watching rappelling and confidence drills, performed by special forces belonging to the IRGC’s Quds Force and cadets from the IRGC’s Imam Hussein Officer Training Academy. The river of blood that has come has a dam, and there is a limit to the restraint of these men. May a curse be upon those [who have] melted into the religion of the Jews. May the curse of the Shi’a be upon the scheming of the Saud clan. Once again, the target of the storm will be the valley of sand. The Shiites’ response will be harsh and violent. The sadness of Ashura will remain in our hearts forever. Pass this information along to the takfiris. The flag still has not fallen from the hands of the flag-bearer. The commander still says: “Oh Ali!”




Soldiers: We roar: Death to the American government! Death to America! We are the conquerors of Jerusalem and the destroyers of Haifa! Death to Israel! [We are] on the path to conquer Palestine! [We are] at war with a faithless enemy! We are like Badr and Hunain! We are Hussein’s soldiers!

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