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Nov 03, 2020
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Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei: America Will Fall Regardless Of Who Wins The 2020 Election; The West Is Oppressive, Unjust, Ignorant, And Barbaric

#8424 | 04:33
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said in a November 3, 2020 address that aired on Channel 1 (Iran) that the West's "attacks" on the honor of the Prophet Muhammad are a sign of the oppressive, unjust, ignorant, and barbaric nature of Western civilization. He also said that the U.S. is suffering from political, civil, and moral decadence that will spell its end regardless of who wins in the 2020 Presidential Election, however, Khamenei added, certain candidates would accelerate America's demise more than others. In addition, he said that Israel will be destroyed.

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei: "Over the past few years, the honor of the Quran and the Prophet has been attacked several times in the Western countries, both in America and in the European countries. However, none of them can really harm the honor, the eminence, and the greatness of the honorable Prophet of Islam.


"They do not harm the Prophet, but we can understand one thing: These acts are a sign of the oppressive nature of Western civilization. It shows that this civilization and culture encompass modern ignorance and this great oppression in their nature. It is so barbaric. Of course, they hide this barbarism by means of their knowledge, science, and technology, by means of humanistic terminology and a pretense of humanity. They show up wearing a tie and cologne, and they use these things to hide their actual barbarism.

"This is why no damage will be done to Islam or to the Prophet, but this is a tool that enables us to become more familiar with this civilization. It really is a barbaric civilization and it has made its people miserable. Even now, hundreds of years after the inception of this civilization, after the Renaissance, you can see the inequality, the poverty, the injustice, and the embarrassing lack of moral discipline in the European countries and in America.


"The Palestinian issue will continue, and Palestine will be Palestine. The fake Zionist regime will undoubtedly be destroyed. But these countries [that have normalized with Israel] are blocking this path as much as they can. Their relations [are] with the plundering and murdering criminal, the Zionist regime.


"One very clear point is the political, civil, and moral decadence of the American regime. It doesn't matter who wins the elections. To be fair, the American regime is suffering severely from political, civil, and moral decadence. This is not my opinion - they themselves say this. This what the spokesman, writers, and thinkers say. In recent years, many books and publications have been written and widely circulated, and they have somewhat lifted the curtain.

"I read one of these books that was translated into Persian, and it is full of evidence to this decadence. From start to finish, this book shows the decadence of America's political regime, and the actions of America's President. An empire like this will not last long. It is clear that a policy or a regime that gets to this point, it cannot last long and will be destroyed. Of course there are those who will hasten this destruction if they come to power, and there are those who will delay it a little bit. But either way, this is the truth."

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