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Mar 11, 2023
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Comedy Skit Aired On Official Iranian Channel Portrays Western Countries, KSA As Chickens, Mocks American School Shootings, Death Of Queen Elizabeth, West's 'Silencing' Of Holocaust Denial

#10184 | 01:18
Source: IRIB Ofogh TV (Iran)

On March 11, 2023, the Iranian state-run Ofogh TV channel aired a comedy skit titled "The Neighbor’s Chicken," which mocks Western countries and Saudi Arabia. The skit depicts a press conference held by the head UN Security Council, referred to as "Mr. Zakaria," and the representatives of Western countries and Saudi Arabia, who are depicted as chickens. Answering journalists’ questions, Mr. Zakaria says that Saudi Arabia is the most democratic country in the world, that school shootings in the United States can be solved by arming students, and that the passing of Queen Elizabeth was a tragedy. When one journalist begins asking a question about the Holocaust, Mr. Zakaria silences her and threateningly places his hand on a pistol in his waistband. The skit was part of a show that aired several days a week for about a month, until it was removed following the recent agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia

Interviewer: "Mr. Zakaria, Head of Security Council, speaking to reporters. Go ahead. In your view which country is the most democratic in the world?"

Zakaria: "Saudi Arabia, no doubt."


Interviewer: "Many countries do not protect animals' rights. What is your opinion?"

Zakaria: "Protecting our rights would be enough."

Interviewer: "The massacres in American schools have increased. Do you have a solution?"

Zakaria: "Arm the children with kids' weapons."


Interviewer: "How has the death of the queen affected the world"

Zakaria: "Oh the Queen... This was so unfair to her. She had a thousand wishes more. Oh, what a cruel world..."

Interviewer: "Excuse me, the Holocaust..."

Zakaria: "What? What did you just say...?"

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