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Apr 10, 2020
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Top Cleric at Iran's Southern Khorasan Province, Alireza Ebadi: Humanity Must Fight the "Two-Legged Viruses" of Western Liberalism, Which Are Even Worse than the Coronavirus

#7960 | 03:37

Iranian scholar Alireza Ebadi, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's representative in the Southern Khorasan Province, said in a lecture that aired on Khorasan Jonoobi TV (Iran) on April 10, 2020 that the "virus" of Western liberal democracy is even worse than the coronavirus since it has caused the deaths and displacement of millions of people, two world wars, coups in various countries such as Iraq, the spread of cholera in Yemen, and Western intervention in Syria, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and elsewhere. Ebadi expressed hope that once humanity defeats the "pest" of the coronavirus, it will "make sure the greatest pests of all do not escape." He added: "May God [save] humanity from [the] two-legged viruses."


Alireza Ebadi: "The whole world has united. Ultimately, it will defeat the menacing coronavirus. Such 'heroes' they are... if you gathered all the viruses together, they would not weigh more than one gram. Now they want to fight and defeat it. Inshallah... But are losses, damage, death, and killing unique to the coronavirus, or cholera, or the Plague? Isn't the virus of Western liberal democracy... Examine its records in the past 80 years, and you shall see what they have done to people. [They have engaged] in world wars, intervened in over 50 countries, staged coups... This was the case 40 years ago with Saddam, and it is still the case today. Look at what they are doing in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan. They hatch huge plots in various countries from the Far East to the Horn of Africa. They have killed millions of people under various names and pretexts. They have turned millions of people into refugees, orphans, and widows. They have destroyed millions of homes.




"Why doesn't humanity coordinate its action against the virus of Western liberal thought?




"It has been several years now since they planted cholera in Yemen. How come nobody in the world is saying anything serious about this?




"What they have been doing for 70 years to the Palestinian people! And they still won't let them be.




"We hope that the human community vanquishes the coronavirus as quickly as possible, but also that it pledges - now that we are fighting pests - to make sure the greatest pests of all do not escape.




"May God absolve us of our sins and hasten the joyous arrival of the Hidden Imam, thus saving humanity from the evil of the so-called 'apocalyptic viruses' - the two-legged viruses."

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