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Mar 23, 2019
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Iranian Satire Depicts Trump, Netanyahu, Theresa May As Doctors Operating on ISIS Leader to Save His Life: "If He Dies, All Our Plans Will Be Undermined"

#7126 | 03:48
Source: IRINN TV (Iran)

On March 23, 2019, IRINN TV (Iran) aired a satirical show called "The Gangsters Network," in which the costumed "host" said that some say ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is undergoing a training course in Guantanamo, or that he is injured and recovering. The show then cuts to an operating room with "Doctors" Donald Trump, Theresa May, and Benjamin Netanyahu performing a "tough operation" on Al-Baghdadi in order to save his life. "Doctor" Trump said that all their plans will be undermined if Al-Baghdadi dies, and the three "doctors" congratulate one another after saving his life.

Following are excerpts:


Song: Now is the time, come and see. It is about to begin – the Gangsters Network. Come and have a look. Take a pick out of the political world.




Host:  Everybody is asking today: Where is Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi? Some people say that he is undergoing another concentrated [training] course in Guantanamo. Others say that he has been injured and is now recovering. Who knows where he is?

Dr. Trump: Okay, guys. Today, we have a very tough operation. Pay attention. You're ready, right?

Dr. May: I'm ready. I'm just a bit scared.

Dr. Trump: Don't be afraid. I'm here. Pass me that saw, please.

Dr. Netanyahu: Here's the saw. Just be careful not to cut off a different one of his parts!

Dr. Trump: No way! I'm being careful. Just a minute… Okay, take this. Pass me those forceps.

Dr. May: Doc… Donald, dear…

Dr. Trump: Yes, dear?

Dr. May: Is there any hope?

Dr. Trump: We are doing everything we can. We need to see how the patient holds on. Benjamin, dear, please inject him.

Dr. Netanyahu: Injection? What injection? I don't know how to inject.

Dr. Trump: What do I know… Inject him with one of those vitamins to make him a bit stronger.

Dr. Netanyahu: Vitamin? What is a vitamin?

Dr. Netanyahu: You don't know what a vitamin is, either… Wipe my sweat.

Dr. May: Why are we the ones operating on him?

Dr. Trump: I exerted a lot of effort, but no hospital would take him. So there was no other way. Pass me that drill.

Dr. Netanyahu: Drill? What do you need a drill for?

Dr. Trump: Give it to me… It's none of your business.

Dr. Netanyahu: Be careful…

Dr. Trump: This is a little too much. Take the drill.

Dr. Netanyahu: What is that beeping?

Dr. May: Oh dear, his pulse is down!

Dr. Netanyahu: His blood pressure is also down to 50. He is about to die!

Dr. Trump: What are you saying? We need to keep him alive, no matter what! If he dies, all our plans will be undermined. Let me give him a shock.

Dr. May: Great. Well done! He's back.

Dr. Trump: I am Donald the Doctor. Benjamin, wake him up.

Dr. Netanyahu: How do I wake him up? Okay, Abu Bakr, son, wake up. Everything is fine.

Dr. Trump: Abu Bakr… Abu Bakr…

Dr. Netanyahu: By your mother, wake up. We succeeded. Wake up. Don't be so spoiled. Wake up. Here… He is waking up.

Dr. Trump: Good. This was a successful operation.

Dr. May: Well done, doc!

Dr. Trump: You, too. You made all the efforts.

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