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Nov 24, 2020
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Iranian Researcher Dr. Sam Mehdi Torabi: America Will Only Leave The Region With Its Soldiers In Body Bags; An American Attack Would Legitimize Iranian Military Action Against U.S. Interests; Iran Has ICBM Capabilities

#8487 | 02:41
Source: Press TV (Iran)

Iranian researcher Dr. Sam Mehdi Torabi, the Director of the Risalat Strategic Studies Institute, said in a November 24, 2020 English-language interview on Press TV (Iran) that Iran has ICBM capabilities. Dr. Torabi also said that the U.S. will only leave the Middle East with its soldiers in body bags. He said that an American attack on Iran would give Iran the legitimacy to attack U.S. interests in the region in order to drive them away. Dr. Torabi added that Iran is the only natural hegemonic power in the region and there can be no peaceful coexistence between Iran and America, Israel, or the Gulf states. For more about Dr. Torabi, see MEMRI TV Clips Nos. 8035, 8033, and 7851.

Dr. Sam Torabi: "Iran has to develop a strategic deterrence, the Europeans and the Americans have to know that. Iran will come to negotiations if it so chooses, in its own interest, with having strategic deterrence. Strategic deterrence means having missiles, having a strategic navy... the one news item, which unfortunately I don’t know why we don’t report it enough is that for the first time this week, the Revolutionary Guards officially declared that we [Iran] have ICBM capabilities, we have intercontinental ballistic missile capability.


"The reality if you look at the history of West Asia, is that Iran is the natural hegemon. It's even been declared as such by American strategic thinkers, if you look at the documents during the Nixon administration, as an example. If you look at all the documents that have been declassified over the decades, Americans, the West, they themselves know that Iran is the natural hegemon, and all of this goes back to the idea that you have to starve Iranians so that they will stop taking their rightful place in history and in this region. And, there is no way of somehow coming to an agreement about this, either the U.S. is the hegemon or Iran is the hegemon, there is nothing in-between. There is no such thing as having a peaceful coexistence with the U.S., with the Zionist apartheid state of Israel, or with the medieval dictatorships of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. We have one country in this region that has a constitutional republic, and it's called the Islamic Republic of Iran. It's the one country that actually has a constitutional and a republican form of elections where different parties and different views come and meet, and you have different governments coming to power.


"The U.S. knows that if it attacks Iran, it will be the end of its presence in West Asia. This is the reason why they didn't attack Iran after Iran attacked the Ain al-Assad [base] and the airfield bases. So this is actually one of those things that is said a lot, especially in the West, but the reality is that actually an attack on Iran is something that would be to the strategic advantage of Iran, because it would then allow us to legitimately and legally attack all American interests in the region, which is ultimately what has to be done eventually to get the Americans out. The Americans are not going to leave on their own accord. The Americans leave places when their soldiers are taken out in coffins and body bags."

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