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May 23, 2004
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Iranian Revolutionary Guard Official in Tehran University Lecture (Part II):We Plan To Target US Nuclear Warheads on US Soil; Should Take Over England

#252 | 06:33
Source: Online Platforms

Hasan Abassi, who heads the Center of External Security Doctrinal Analysis of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps gave a lecture at Tehran University in May. The following are excerpts from the lecture posted in an audio version on the Internet at http://khabarnameh.gooya.com/nabavi/archives/real/abbasi-hasan.rm

Abbasi Pay close attention to wily England! I am not saying anyone should take over its embassy. It has already removed all of its documents from it. we need to take over England itself.

Take a look at the book "Women of Vietnam". It contains a propaganda pamphlet in which was written that when American soldiers train in the bases – and here I must apologize to all of the sisters and ladies present – they raise their gun in one hand and they place their other hand on their genitals, and they call both of them "gun." "Gun" [in English] means cannon. They do this every day at reveille. They have a directive that whenever they set foot in a country, one of their first jobs is to change the racial situation there.

It would be an honor to do something that would make the Americans afraid. If it is possible to strike fear in the White House and in Tel-Aviv and to scare the Zionists and the Americans, that would be a great honor. This kind of terrorism is sacred. I'd be honored to do anything like that. If it is be possible for me to do this, I will. I will certainly present my plans on this matter. On the subject of sacred terrorism and terrorizing, the Koran speaks of "The party of God," are those who love the beloved of God, and "The party of Satan," are those who love the enemies of God. If we can strike fear among the enemies of God, in the party of Satan and in the heart of Satan, this will be an honor. Why shouldn't we do this? Why should violence be bad over there? Is it not the case that modernity, Christianity and Judaism advanced themselves through violence? We would be honored to turn the violence of modernity, Judaism and Christianity against them.

In response to what he [Vice President Cheney] said, that he will uproot this nation, I swear by my honor, by the Koran – though it's inappropriate to swear by the Koran – as head of the Center for Strategic Studies, the rival of Cato Institute, Hudson Institute, Rand Corporation and American Enterprise Institute which are working to uproot Iran – I make a pact with God, with the blood of the martyrs and with this nation, that I will prepare, with God's help, harsh strategies and doctrines to uproot the Anglo-Saxon race, and I will present these plans on the Internet.

Mr. George W. Bush and Mr. Tony Blair, you said that you would reap in Iran the fruits of the war in Iraq. it was not the president of Iran who fired RPGs against your tanks in the war. Mr. Khatami, Mr. Hasan Rouhani, and Mr. Kamal Kharrazi were not the ones who stood facing your warships in the Persian Gulf. It was I who filmed your warships. When (USS) Kitty Hawk was here, when (USS) Wisconsin, (USS) New Jersey, and (USS) Missouri were here, it was I who filmed them. Mr. Khatami! It was I who planted the mines that sunk the Bridgeton tanker. Mr. Khatami! It was I who nurtured Hizbullah in Lebanon and not you.

We have only one lesson: The lesson of jihad and martyrdom. So, Dick Cheney! We will uproot the Anglo-Saxon race. This is retaliation. I will only say this once: We have two million Iranians there [in the U.S.]. You can be sure that I will recruit from among them guerillas against you.

If 11 people succeeded in causing September 11, is it not clear that we are capable of acting? We don't need nuclear weapons. You have 6,000 nuclear warheads on your soil. Those 6,000 warheads are the target of our plans. The guerilla groups will go and destroy those warheads there. Not Iranian guerilla groups, but groups from all Islamic countries. You can expel all of them. We are also working on the Mexicans and the Argentinians. We will organize everyone who has problems with America. When our Internet site goes up, the American friends should get hold of the address. We've prepared plans concerning the American Achilles' heal and their weaknesses. We have identified all of their weaknesses on land, in the air, by sea, their technological weaknesses, etc., and we will pass on addresses to the guerilla organizations of the entire world concerning these, America's weaknesses.

We have established a department that will take care of England. England's demise is on our agenda.

If America attacks us, Don't worry at all. It won't be like what you've seen in Afghanistan and in Iraq. In Southern Iran we have a 2000 km coast and 36 islands. The average depth of the Persian Gulf is between 45-50 meters. The Deepest spot there is 94 meters deep between the islands of Abu Musa and Tonb. This is a very suitable spot for maritime guerrilla warfare. Our special forces are definitely ready for action there.

Through the Straits of Hormuz, 67% of the world's total energy passes. You must know this. Imagine I'm gone and, God willing, you want to face America. Take a tanker to the Straits Of Hormuz and sink it there. The tanker won't sink because the water is shallow there – about 50 meters. The tanker itself is 55 meters high, and when it will lie on the surface, half of it will protrude. It will take five months until it will be salvaged. A rise in oil prices, as you have seen, causes the West fever. These are the weaknesses.

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