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Apr 21, 2014
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Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Commander Jafari: We Support Resistance to U.S. and Israel in Syria and Elsewhere in the Region

#4272 | 04:44
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

IRGC commander Mohammad Ali Jafari recently said that IRGC supports the resistance movement of the Syrian people and other countries in the region, because they face the "rule of hegemony" of the U.S. and Israel. The Islamic Revolution "is not confined to Iran's borders alone," said Jafari, in a statement broadcast on Iranian TV's Channel 1 on April 21, 2014.

Following are excerpts:

Mohamad Ali Jafari: The IRGC is responsible for the security and continuity of the Islamic Revolution. This revolution is not confined to Iran's borders alone. The essence of the Islamic Revolution is resistance to the [American] rule of hegemony, and resistance to the new world order shaped by that rule of hegemony. This is the essence of the Islamic Revolution.

The Islamic Republic must defend the oppressed Palestinian people, and the Syrian people, which the enemy is targeting today. This is a role that the IRGC must play. In other words, the IRGC defends the Islamic Revolution both within the country and beyond its borders

Any society or people that supports the slogans of the Islamic Revolution, and supports its path, and wishes to continue along that path, will naturally arouse the anger, resistance, and enmity of that rule of hegemony.

Take, for example, the Lebanese people, the Syrian people, the Egyptian people, and many other countries that are in a process of Islamic awakening, inspired by the Islamic Revolution, and acted against the rule of hegemony. It is only natural that the rule of hegemony would take action against them.

The role of the IRGC is to give support – whether ideologically, or with software, knowledge, or experience – to a people within a society or country who have expressed their desire to confront the rule of hegemony. This rule of hegemony is headed by America, and its representative in the region is the plundering Israel, which represents America's Satanic [deeds] in the region.

The obvious enemies of the Islamic Revolution and the resistance front are clearly the plundering Israel and the Americans. It is only natural for this front, at any point in time, to be somewhat more sensitive to the hegemonic rule's involvement in the events taking place in that society.

Since Syria was and continues to be part of the Islamic resistance front and the Islamic Revolution, it provokes the anger of the Americans. They are currently perpetrating the greatest Satanic crimes there. They support very dangerous terrorists. They support them, arm them, and back them up, so that they will establish a popular militia in Syria, which will lead to brutality, aggression, and killings.

It is the role of every Muslim to oppose these deeds. Obviously, it is the role of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the organizational role of the IRGC, to provide support with their experience and knowledge. The IRGC fulfilled this role in Syria, and we declared several times in the past that the IRGC would proudly support the Syrian people's resistance movement, because they face the rule of hegemony – the Americans and the Israelis – who support [the terrorists]. The IRGC will carry out their role in this regard.


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