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Jan 12, 2020
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Iranian Researcher Ali Akbar Raefipour Defends Downing of Ukrainian Flight 752: I Fear the Day We Won't Shoot in Such Circumstances; We Develop Missiles to Prevent the Murder of the Hidden Imam upon His Return

#7757 | 03:43
Source: The Internet - "Raefipour on YouTube"

Iranian researcher Ali Akbar Raefipour, the founder of the Masaf Institute, said in a lecture that was uploaded to the Internet on January 12, 2020 that mistakes such as the IRGC’s shooting down of Ukrainian Flight 752 on January 8 are part and parcel of military activity, and claimed that the Ukrainians themselves had erroneously shot down a Malaysian plane. Raefipour said that the operator had only had 10 seconds to respond and that erring on the side of defending the country is the preferable course of action. Raefipour asked: “What if it really had been a cruise missile?” Later in the lecture, Raefipour said that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un can threaten America because he has an atomic bomb and can respond “Suck my bomb” if anybody says anything to him. In addition, Raefipour said that Iran developed accurate missiles because shari’a law prohibits the killing of innocent people. He added that the Shiites must be strong so that nobody will be able to harm the Hidden Imam when he re-emerges.

Ali Akbar Raefipour: Didn’t the Ukrainians themselves shoot down the Malaysian plane? Mistakes are part and parcel of military activity. Indeed, [the IRGC] deserves to be criticized for not saying this right from the start, but this is how it is with military people.


The [operator] identified it as a cruise missile and he had 10 seconds to decide. What if it really had been a cruise missile? What if it would have hit the Paster [neighborhood] and killed half of our senior officials? Obviously, the public wouldn’t have [minded] so much… They’ve made [the operator] miserable. He only had 10 seconds… He tried his communication system and saw that it wasn’t working. He needed to double-check, but again it didn’t work. What was he supposed to do? If it were you or me, we would have shot [the plane down] too. This wasn’t the first time, either. Some time ago, if you remember – it was 2-3 years ago – ISIS attacked the Majles. So a drill was held in Terminal 4 in Tehran airport. They declared high alert and everybody was supposed to be ready for an imminent attack by ISIS, perhaps on the airports. In that chaos, and in order to check the level of readiness of the forces, they took a guy from the IRGC, dressed him in certain clothes so he would look like an ISIS member, and told him to say “Allah Akbar!” and do all kinds of things. He started saying “Allah Akbar!” They asked him to sit down 3-4 times, and when he wouldn’t, they shot him in the head. He became a martyr. This is a famous story. What if an ISIS member comes and blows himself up? What’s better? Fifty dead or one dead? Anyone would do the same thing. What worries me is the day… I’m talking about our security… [I’m afraid of the day] when the pressure gets to people, and when there is an attack, our soldier says: “Whatever…” On the day, we will get a missile to the head.


How come the leader of North Korea can threaten America like that? What’s his backup? It’s nothing but small peninsula. His backup is the atomic bomb. If anyone says anything to him, he answers: “Suck my bomb…”


We don’t want an atomic bomb. We never did. We developed accurate missiles for religious reasons. If you have a [non-accurate] missile carrying one ton of explosives, it would destroy its target even if it lands 200 meters away. We developed accurate missiles because we have no right to kill innocent people. This is forbidden by the shari’a.


Brother, know that one of the reasons for the disappearance of the Hidden Imam is his fear of being murdered. There are traditions that say this.


The Shiites must grow stronger so that no one will dare to harm [the Hidden Imam]. Harm in what way? Didn’t you see how they targeted Hajj Qasem [Soleimani]?  Your missiles and your air defense and electronic warfare [capabilities] should be so powerful that you can intercept [the enemy] in mid-air, and that you can raise Hell if they want to harm [the Hidden Imam]. Only then will they refrain from harming [the Hidden Imam].


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