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Mar 23, 2020
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Iranian Researcher Amir Mousavi: Iranian, Russian, Chinese, Cuban Scientists Are Studying Possibility that the U.S. Created COVID-19; U.S. Does Not Mind Killing Its Own People, Like It Did on 9/11

#7900 | 02:01
Source: Russia Today TV (Russia)

Iranian researcher Amir Mousavi, a former diplomat, said in a March 23, 2020 interview on the Arabic-language Russia Today channel that scientists in Iran, Russia, China, and Cuba are studying the possibility that the United States created COVID-19. He pointed out that China has directly accused the United States of this, that "genocide is a normal thing for American policy," and that the U.S. had been responsible for such things as using the nuclear bomb, killing people in Vietnam, engaging in biological warfare, the genocides in Iraq, Palestine, Yemen, and Syria, and even the "sacrificing" of 3,000 Americans on 9/11 in order to be able to take over the Middle East. He added: "The American mafia that rules the United States does not even mind killing Americans." Mousavi wore a face mask during the interview.

Amir Mousavi: "Scientists in Iranian labs – with the help of Russia, China and Cuba – are laboring to study the possibility [that the US. created the coronavirus]. We saw that China officially accused the United States. The Chinese president did not talk about a possibility – rather, he officially accused the United States. Similarly, research centers in Russia – and even some American institutions – have begun to raise doubts on whether this virus is natural or made in a lab. Many accusations are being leveled at the American administration, and the American administration[s] have been known for killing humanity, in various places and various times. The first to have used the nuclear bomb against humanity was the United States. They have killed in Vietnam and have waged biological wars before and they are responsible for the genocides in Iraq, Palestine, Yemen, Syria and so on. Genocide is a normal thing for the American policy. We could even see in 9/11 how they sacrificed 3,000 Americans. They did not mind that as long as they could take over the region, exhaust its natural resources, take money, and control the region.


"The American mafia that rules the United States does not even mind killing Americans. I've mentioned the case of 9/11 and there are many more such examples. The American administration does not even mind killing Americans."


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