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Dec 17, 2022
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Iranian TV Report Describes Iran's Response To Hypothetical Israeli Attack On Its Nuclear Facilities: Dimona Will Be Practically Destroyed, Tel Aviv Will Be Razed To The Ground

#10010 | 02:36
Source: Channel 2 (Iran)

On December 17, 2022, Channel 2 (Iran) aired a report about Iran's plan of action in the event of an Israeli airstrike against its nuclear facilities. Younes Shadlou, an official from the state broadcasting agency (IRIB), said that if Israeli jets strike Iran, the base from which they took off would likely be destroyed before they make it back to Israel. He said that in the first phase of Iran's response, the IRGC Aerospace Force's tactical missiles Dezful and Khaybar Crusher missiles would target Israel's "nuclear warhead production site" in Dimona, and that in the second phase, Iran's Sejjil missiles would raze Tel Aviv to the ground. He also said that these plans are a response to a joint U.S.-Israel exercise simulating an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities.

Younses Shadlou: "A few days ago, the Zionist regime conducted another joint exercise with the U.S. to simulate an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, like the Natanz uranium enrichment site. Let's assume that Israeli jets manage to reach the Natanz nuclear site in one piece, and let's assume that they manage to bomb this site and damage it.

"Even if they manage to leave Iran's sky safely, it will take them at least an hour to return to their main base in the occupied lands. The question is whether there would be any base left for them to land at.

"This is what the first few minutes of an Iranian response will look like. In less than seven minutes, the tactical missiles of the IRGC's Aerospace Force – like the solid-fueled Dezful and the newest Khaybar Crusher missiles – will destroy their targets with great accuracy, if they are launched from a place like Natanz.

"One of their designated targets is located here: Israel's nuclear warhead production site in Dimona. Obviously, this is a simulation of the [attack]. When the first wave of the attack reaches its target, the IRGC strategic missiles will be fueled in underground silos, and the missile bases will be ready for the second wave of the attack. These missiles, like the Sejjil, strike their targets at velocities greater than ten times the speed of sound, and they carry a one-ton payload.

"When, in the second wave, the Dimona nuclear site will be practically destroyed, Tel Aviv will be razed to the ground."

Speaker: "But the Zionist regime is not big enough to be considered among the enemies of the Iranian people."

Shadlou: "This is why the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces [Khamenei] warned this regime 11 years ago."

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei: "If they make even the slightest mistake, the Islamic Republic will raze Tel Aviv and Haifa to the ground."

Shadlou: "Younes Shadlou, the Broadcast Authority's news agency."

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