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Jul 16, 2022
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Iranian Report About Newly-Formed Naval Drone Carrier Division: These Capabilities Increase Our Surveillance, Area Control Range By Hundreds Of Kilometers, Extending The Reach Of Iran's 'Long Arm'

#9711 | 01:52
Source: IRINN TV (Iran)

On July 16, 2022, IRINN TV (Iran) aired a report about the newly-formed naval drone carrier division operated by the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy, which is subordinate to the Islamic Republic of Iran Army. The report showed drones being launched from the Iranian ships IRIS Delvar and IRIS Lavan at the command of Commodore Shahram Irani, the Navy's commander, during a drill meant to integrate Iran's new "naval drone carrier division" into the Iranian military and into Iran's "defensive structure". The reporter said that the new division consists of seven vessels, including underwater vessels, and he described the capabilities of the Ababil-4 drone and the Ababil-2 "combat" drone, which he said came from a recently-launched production line in Tajikistan (see MEMRI TV Clip No. 9572). The commander of Iran's Army, General Abdolrahim Mousavi, said that the new drone carrier capabilities increase Iran's surveillance and area control range by hundreds of kilometers, extending Iran's "long arm." In addition, the reporter said that some of the carrier-launched drones return to their mother ships after their missions, while others land at tarmacs elsewhere.

Reporter: "This is the sound of the Ababil-4 drone."

Commodore Shahram Irani: "Oh Ali bin Abu Taleb, peace be upon him!"

Radio Responder: "The order has been received."

Reporter: "[This drone] is stationed on the troop transport ship IRIS Lavan. It is equipped with laser-guided bombs. The Ababil drone is locking on to the target. This is part of an operation to integrate the Army's naval drone carrier division. This is a new option in Iran's defensive structure. This is the naval division. It is comprised of seven vessels, above and below surface.

"The smaller brother of Ababil-4 is taking off from the IRIS Delvar. Ababil-2 is a combat UAV. The production line for this Iranian UAV was recently launched in Tajikistan."

General Abdolrahim Mousavi: "The reconnaissance drones' surveillance and area control range has been increased by hundred of kilometers. They extended the long arm of Iran's Islamic Republic and its navy by hundreds of kilometers."

Reporter: "Some of these UAVs return to their mother ship once they complete their mission, whereas others [land] 600 kilometers away from the operation sector. This is one of the UAVs that took off from a warship and landed here, on the tarmac at the Jask base. This is Sajjad Mehtari, reporting for IRIB's news agency from the shores of Makran.

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