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Dec 28, 2022
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Iranian Religious Scholar Naser Naghavian: Over 50% Of Iranians Oppose Regime Policies; There Are Much Worse Abominations In Iran Than Removing A Hijab; What If Iranians Want To Make Peace With The U.S?

#10054 | 02:07
Source: Online Platforms - "DidarNews.ir"

Iranian religious scholar Naser Naghavian said in an interview that was uploaded to the DidarNews.ir website on November 28, 2022 that at least 50% of Iranians are object to the policies of the regime, and that the regime has deeper problems than women not wearing hijabs. He said that the regime should use its morality police to fight the incompetence, inefficiency, and bribery in the government agencies, and he pointed out that there has never been a referendum to determine the Iranian people’s preferred policy towards the United States, which might in fact be conciliatory. In addition, he suggested that the next time a Supreme Leader is selected, his term should be limited like the president's. For more about Naser Naghavian, see MEMRI TV Clip No. 9249

Naser Naghavian: "You [in the regime] say that the people were rioting and using firearms and cold weapons, damaged banks, and injured our security forces, so we had to strike back. Did the people use firearms or cold weapons or even harsh slogans on the first day?


"I'm willing to say this and pay the price if I am wrong: More than 50% of the [Iranian] people object to the policies of this regime and criticize them.


"We have to understand that many of the girls and women who want to remove their scarves are doing so as a symbol of protest. This act reflects something else. And what is it? It is that in this country you have much worse abominations than lack of hijab.


"We have officials that are incompetent and inefficient, so why aren't you trying to stop it? Why not assign the morality police to fight [this problem]? Is there one agency in the Islamic Republic that doesn't have bribery?


"Have you conducted a referendum to see that [the public] wants an eternal war with the U.S.? What if the people want to make peace and are willing to make concessions, too?


"We should [introduce] a term limit the next time we select a Supreme Leader, just like in the case of the president."

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