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Nov 11, 2004
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Iranian Professor Qanbari on Jews throughout History

#383 | 05:30
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

The following are excerpts from an interview with Heshmatollah Qanbari, an Iranian university professor:

Heshmatollah Qanbari: The anti-monotheistic movement of the Israelites was clandestine, thus concealing the essence of its plan from the public and presenting only part of the picture to the people.


I'm not talking politics. these are historical truths. These are events that indeed took place in human history. We conclude from history that the issue of the Israelites and Jews who rule occupied Palestine today, is basically an anti-human movement.

Interviewer: Yes.

Heshmatollah Qanbari: They are as dangerous to Christians as they are to Muslims. We are talking about the danger presented by the non-monotheistic, deviant, and guilty Israelites and Jews throughout history.

No group – even the idol worshipers and Jahiliyya – was attacked so harshly in Islam as the Jews. It is a [Koranic] instruction. After all, the Koran is an eternal, comprehensive and divine book, and now we examine this from an Islamic perspective. Why does the Koran – the eternal book – speak so angrily about a group that is supposedly monotheistic? The Koran is the word of divine inspiration, and there must be a powerful reason for its attack on this group. Sir, from the dawn of their creation they have adopted an utterly racist ideology.

In their second law, the Israelites say that their god is Jehovah. They wrote that Jehovah assigned the worship of the stars to all the peoples but He chose the people of Israel for Himself. This is a fine point. It means that they see Him as a god who has no right to be the god of other living creatures. This is a god specifically for this group. The others have another god. This very important polytheistic ideology was overruled by the first of Moses' ten commandments.

All corrupt traits in humanity originated in this group. All corruption. Ten years after [Muhammad] began his mission, in other words in 620 CE, a war broke out between [Sassanian] Yazdgird and the people of Syria, and the Roman Empire. In this war a large group of Romans was captured by Yazdgird, I mean Khosow Parviz. One of the things that they [the Jews] did was as follows: They bought the Roman Christian captives from the Sassanian king, and they slaughtered 90,000 Christians on the spot.

They infiltrated everywhere they went covertly and deceitfully. Palestine is not the first place they went to. They went to Italy, Jordan, Egypt, the Arabian Peninsula… Wherever they went, they spread corruption and took over the economy.

Anyone who knows the truth surely has no choice but to confront them for the sake of the continuation of humanity

Anyone who knows the truth surely has no choice but to confront them for the sake of the continuation of humanity and the survival of God's way. This is a very small group that does nothing but spread strife and corruption. Today, a large portion of Europe is under their control. They collect taxes for no reason. If they grow stronger, their destructive treatment of the Christians will surpass their treatment of the Muslims. Global Jerusalem day is the global day of humanity and monotheistic identity of mankind. You mean that the Israeli Zionists didn't merely occupy land; the matter has become complicated. This is a satanic and impure ideology that may take over the world…

Interviewer: And it is dangerous to all religions…

Heshmatollah Qanbari: And it intends to do so.

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