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Jan 05, 2006
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Iranian Political Analysts Discuss the Holocaust: Jews Burned Christians in Yemen, Poor Austrian Taxpayers' Money Goes to Zionists on Account of Crematoria, German Soldiers Were Not Protected from Zyklon-B Gas

#997 | 11:16
Source: Channel 2 (Iran)

Following are excerpts from an Iranian TV debate on the Holocaust, which was aired on Channel 2, Iranian TV, on January 5, 2006.

Political analyst Dr. Majid Goudarzi : In ancient, pre-Islamic times, there were strange disputes between the Jews and the Christians. The Jews believed that the Messiah had not come and would not come. Apparently, it was for them to decide when the Messiah would come and who he would be.

When Jesus appeared, many people became followers of this great prophet. The king of Yemen at that time, who was probably a Jew – as can be seen in some sources – said to (the Christians): "You have two options – either you convert (to Judaism) and renounce your Christianity, or else we will burn you."

They prepared a great pit of fire, and burned those Christians who refused to renounce the pure religion of Jesus.

This case of burning people, of burning believers, has become engraved in the Jewish consciousness. Later they exploited this issue, and said that in World War II – between 1942 and 1945 – the Germans did this to them. They failed to mention that historic event, and the fact that they themselves had done the same to the Christians.

They said that the (Germans) would take them from the camps, would put them in some room, and burn them.

In other words, "holocaust" means ovens for burning people, or Jews, which were used in Poland and Germany.


Iqbal Siddiqu, Editor-in-Chief of Crescent International, London: I think it's very important to recognize the political uses to which the Holocaust has been put by the Zionist movement since the Second World War. It is undoubtedly true that the Jews suffered very greatly under Adolph Hitler. There was a genocide of Jews along with the genocide of gypsies and other crimes committed by Hitler.

That was the culmination of centuries of European anti-Semitism - a long tradition of anti-Jewish sentiment in Europe in particular, but in the West in general. But whatever the Jews suffered at the hands of the Nazis - it does not and cannot justify what the Jews have done in Palestine, what the Jews have done in other parts of the world, and, basically, the attitude of the Jews and the Zionists that as a result of the suffering in Europe under Hitler, for the rest of history, the rest of the world owes them a living, and that they must be treated now as a special people, the chosen people, who are entitled to do whatever they like.

This is the image of the Jewish people that is being promoting, and the Holocaust - the supposed Holocaust - is being constantly used and mythologized, in order to serve this political agenda, which ultimately means, of course, the interests of the state of Israel.


What happened to the Jews was a matter of immense evil, whether six million died, or five million, or four million, or three million. What is the issue is not the numbers. It is the use to which these events have been put subsequently by Jewish and Zionist leaders to justify acts of equal and equivalent evil on their part against the Palestinians.


Dr. Majid Goudarzi: The (Zionists) claimed they had to be rulers of the world. That's why they prepared the Protocols in Russia, and implemented each and every clause. They wrote instructions how to gain control of the global media, and how to control the world's natural resources. Part of this control...

Interviewer: They became the board of directors of the world.

Dr. Majid Goudarzi: Yes.


They want to write history as they wish, and in light of their unparalleled power in the media – if you like, we could talk about that on another show – they have managed to impose the (Holocaust) issue, and to depict themselves as oppressed.


Some intellectuals have said that this should be re-examined. Interestingly, the founder of this revisionist movement was a Jew. Paul Rassinier, who was French, was a member of the French resistance in World War II. He was arrested by the Gestapo, and was held in the Nazi camps until the end of World War II. He said that the myth of the gas chambers... These are his words, I haven't told you what I think yet... He said there is no truth to this. He reduced the number of those killed to between 900,000 and 1.5 million.


Political analyst Dr. Majid Safataj: The Institute for Historical Review was founded in 1978. As mentioned by Mr. Goudarzi, there was a Jew among the leaders and founders of this institute. He was followed by people like Max (sic) Weber, Mr. Roger Garaudy, Mr. Frederick Toben, Mr. Robert Faurisson, and Mr. Hoffman. Even recently, a letter presented to Mr. Ahmadinejad by some revisionists included some Jews and Israelis. One of them is a man called Israel Shamir.


It should be noted that if the Zionists had actually found anyone who had survived the gas chambers and the so-called crematoria of the Nazis, I'm sure they would have interviewed him extensively, and would have produced many programs. But they couldn't find a single person to interview face to face, in order to present a historical documentary to the world. It should be noted that the Zionist film industry has produced many films on the basis of these supposedly historical claims. These are hollow claims.

One such person, whose book about the Holocaust won many awards, and who received Zionist encouragement, is a man called Jerzy Kosinski. He wrote a book titled The Painted Bird. The book was published in Polish and English, but was not translated into Farsi. It was encouraged by the Jews. Interestingly, after he won several awards, some revisionists looked into his origins – because he claimed he was Jewish and had been in the Nazis' labor camps, and had witnessed such massacres. They examined his origins, and found out that, first of all he wasn't Jewish, and secondly, that during World War II, he was actually in a place with a nice climate called Sweden, where he was having a good time.


Dr. Majid Goudarzi: Mr. Ahmadinejad's message is very clear: If the Europeans did it, they should be the ones to compensate (the Jews). But who exactly should pay the compensation? It should have been that generation, not the current one. For example, if you want to buy a television in Germany, they take 20 percent tax from you in advance. Some of that tax is on account of the crematoria, the existence of which is in doubt... The money goes into the pockets of victims who do not exist – because, after all, if they perished, there would be no survivors. So it goes into the pockets of the Zionist regime...

Interviewer: Do you believe this never really happened?

Dr. Majid Goudarzi: Look, what they are saying is more false than true. As my colleague has said, if they had even the smallest piece of evidence, they would not sit still, given their great power in the media. Even those who believe that this actually happened doubt the figures. One of the mistakes they made - despite their cleverness - was to claim that (the Nazis) used Zyklon-B gas. This gas, according to chemists – and I asked before this program, just to make sure - is a very dangerous gas. It remains in the air and on the skin for a long time. In the photographs they published, German soldiers are seen dragging the bodies of those who suffocated, and they are doing so without gloves or masks. If this was true, the German soldiers should also have died.

Besides, if six million people had died, wouldn't there be a record somewhere of at least a hundred names?

A friend sent an e-mail, in which he wrote that they claim 700 people were crammed into a 30-meter room...

Interviewer: 25 meters.

Dr. Majid Goudarzi: 25 meters. ...and that they were killed there by Hitler... This is not our concern. Hitler was a criminal, and we condemn him.

Interviewer: No, the claim is that if 700 people were in a 25-meter room, there would have been 30 people on every meter. This makes no sense.

Dr. Majid Goudarzi: But even if we assume it happened... The Zionists, according to their protocols, wanted to control the world, and they have not given up this idea. They are using various means, such as the Freemasons, or the Baha'is.


I heard a report today that the Austrian government has agreed to give the Zionists 210 million dollars of the poor taxpayer's money, so that they could more easily kill people like the crippled, defenseless Sheik [Ahmad] Yassin Ramadhan, like Muhammad Al-Durra, and other youngsters. I really feel sorry for the German and the Austrian peoples.

Dr. Majid Safataj: The Zionists created something out of nothing. First they said three million were killed. Gradually, the number climbed to six million. If the Zionists' claims had not been doubted, the number would probably have reached ten or twenty million.


Dr. Majid Goudarzi: A country like Israel... Its flag has two colors: blue and white. The upper stripe represents the Nile, and the bottom stripe the Euphrates. It says that its reign stretches from the Nile to the Euphrates. It puts the Star of David in the middle, and demonstrates its aggressive character daily, by raising this flag. I hope that one day humanity will reach the conclusion that the only solution for this cancerous tumor is an operation.

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