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Jan 04, 2006
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Iranian Political Analyst Dr. Majid Goudarzi: The Book of Esther Describes Jewish Genocide Against Iranians

#1005 | 03:00
Source: IRINN TV (Iran)

Following are excerpts from an interview given by Iranian political analyst Dr. Majid Goudarzi, which was broadcast on the Iranian News Channel (IRINN) on January 4, 2006.

Dr. Majid Goudarzi: The Holocaust is a lie. Prof. [Theis] Christophersen, author of the well-known book The Lie of Auschwitz, has said this, and so has the author John Kaminsky from Florida, who criticizes the American policy. He sent the Iranian president his best regards, and said he was ashamed to be an American because America defends the Zionists.

There is also Prof. Roger Garaudy and Prof. Arno Mayer, who is Jewish. The Jewish Arno Mayer says that the Zionist documents regarding the Holocaust are very dubious, and that the evidence from World War II does not prove the Holocaust. These are Jews who say these things.

[Mayer says] that the statistics and data, on which the Zionists base their claim that six million Jews were killed in this incident, are at least 500 times higher than the actual figures. The person who says this is Jewish.


There is another person, called Paul Fromm, who is the director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression. He said: "I agree with the president of Iran on this issue." The names I'm mentioning are of actual people from real documents. He [Paul Fromm] was fired by the Peel District Board of Education.

Interviewer: Because he agreed with...

Dr. Majid Goudarzi: Because of his positions. He said something very interesting: "In Europe you can deny the existence of God, but you cannot deny the Holocaust." I read in the Italian constitution that the fine for blasphemy is around three dollars, but if someone in France denies the Holocaust he is fined at least 3,000 francs. In addition, he is silenced and is fired from his job.


In 23 days, the Jews will mark the Holocaust celebrations. This will be on January 27. They have this celebration. They claim that there were attempts to commit genocide against them. But I refer to the Bible itself: The Book of Esther, Chapter 9. They themselves say there was a woman named Esther, who was brought into the court of Xerxes, by a man called Mordechai the Jew. She was incited into killing around 170,000 Iranians. She killed many people in what is known today as the city of Susa. They celebrate this every year. They hold a two-day annual celebration of the killing of Iranians, a celebration of the genocide against the Iranians.

23-24 centuries ago, 170,000 constituted the population of an entire country. They were the ones who wanted to annihilate an entire country's population. They are the ones who commit genocides - not us.

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