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Nov 03, 2004
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Iranian Parliamentary Energy Committee Chairman Kamal Daneshyar: We Invite American Companies to Build Nuclear Plants in Iran

#348 | 53
Source: IRINN TV (Iran)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Secretary-General of the Energy Commission of the Iranian Parliament, Kamal Daneshyar:

Daneshyar: Our clear strategy is that we must use nuclear technology and energy to serve our people. If America and Europe accept this framework, we will cooperate with them… Let them come and help us build power plants. We are about to build ten… I mean nine new power plants. Along with the existing power plant (in Bushehr) there will be ten plants. Let them assist us in establishing new power plants. Let them come and invest. The cost of building each power plant is approximately one billion dollars. If this strategy…

Interviewer: Even if the Americans want to invest, there is no problem with this?

Daneshyar: We have no problem. In our country… I mean private American and European companies, not governmental ones. Let the private companies invest in Iran. After all, we want to establish power plants in our country.

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