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Sep 08, 2019
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France-Based Iranian Opposition Activist Dr. Mahmoud Moradkhani, Who Is Khamenei's Nephew: Iran Is Responsible for Extremism in the World; The Opposition Must Unite to Bring Change

#7480 | 03:02
Source: Alaan TV (UAE)

Dr. Mahmoud Moradkhani, a France-based Iranian opposition activist who is Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei's nephew, said in a September 8, 2019 interview on Alan TV (UAE) that the leaders of the Iranian regime are responsible for the presence of extremists in the Middle East and in the world. He said that he opposes the "religious democracy" that the Rule of the Jurisprudent claims to espouse because it means that one man has tyrannical control over both civil and religious life in the country. In addition, Dr. Moradkhani said that elections in Iran are meaningless, that Iran has essentially become a Russian colony, and that Iran has been exhausting the resources of the region by plundering oil and spending huge sums of money on weapons. He further expressed disappointment that the opposition in Iran is unable to unite, and he said that it should not "sit and wait for a miracle to bring change."

Following are excerpts:


Dr. Mahmoud Moradkhani: In my opinion, and in the opinion of many other experts, the leaders of the [Iranian] regime are the reason for the presence of extremists in the region and worldwide.




Interviewer: Dr. Moradkhani, why are you opposed to the Rule of the Jurisprudent?

Dr. Mahmoud Moradkhani: The Rule of the Jurisprudent, as founded by Khomeini, constitutes absolute tyranny and a monopoly on both civil and religious rule. It means that the Jurisprudent Ruler is the head of state, as well as the top [religious] authority. This means that the Rule of the Jurisprudent contradicts all the principles of democracy and modern civil and civilized rule. In addition, the term “religious democracy,” which is always used by the government of the Rule of the Jurisprudent, is far from the truth and is completely unacceptable. Even the elections in this regime are meaningless. I, and anyone who believes in democracy and human rights, cannot accept or agree to the Rule of the Jurisprudent.




As we have seen in Syria and Iran, Russia is capable of invading and deploying its forces, and, in a way, the [Iranian] regime has become a Russian colony. This is most unfortunate. As for the economic situation, the resources of the region have been exhausted by this regime, which has plundered the oil revenues. They have spent huge sums on weapons, and I do not think there is much to add to this.




I am personally very angry and sad that the opposition in Iran is unable to unite its ranks and create an alliance. I am convinced that in order to bring an end to this regime, we must have a united, committed, and empowered political force. The uprising of the Iranian people requires a strong incentive and a democratic leadership accepted by all. The Iranians always shout the slogan: “The enemy is local, and the solution to the problem is also local.” I do not think that we should sit and wait for a miracle to bring change. The sanctions will bring nothing but more pain and suffering. They will not be successful. The Iranian people should bring about the lifting of the sanctions. I believe that the time for hesitation is over, as the dangerous nature of this regime and the damage that it causes to Iran and the region have become clear to all.

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