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Dec 07, 2004
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Iranian Official Reveals Details on Nuclear Facilities

#412 | 02:50
Source: IRIB/ Jaam-E-Jam1 TV (Iran)

The following are excerpts from an interview with Mohammad-Reza Sa'idi, International Affairs Deputyat the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization [IAEO]:

Sa'idi: For the Nuclear reactor in Bushehr, which requires an annual 30 tons of uranium enriched to a level of 3.5 to 4 percent, there is a need for 54,000 centrifuges to work constantly, and process the product at [the UCF project of] Esfahan.

Interviewer: How many?

Sa'idi: 54,000 Centrifuges.

Interviewer: We are now in suspension?

Sa'idi: Precisely.

Interviewer: Which sites are being suspended?

Sa'idi: At present, Natanz is in full suspension. The enrichment takes place in the Natanz project. We have also suspended [the UCF project in] Esfahan, according to IAEA regulations and our agreements with it.

Interviewer: What about Arak?

Sa'idi: Arak is not part of the suspension.

Interviewer: What are we doing in Arak?

Sa'idi: In Arak we have a heavy water complex and we are building a research reactor there. According to the declarations of Iranian officials from the start, Iran has accepted the commitments and continues to be a part of the NPT. This is Iran's definite policy. On the other hand, refraining from obtaining nuclear weapons is also part of the definite policy and strategy of Iran. It doesn't mean we won't develop nuclear knowledge and technology in our country. Iran believes that if we obtain nuclear technology for peaceful purposes, this will suffice for our country. We have no need for nuclear weapons, we don't need to leave the NPT. We are not even considering this. We see the strength and security of Iran in other parameters. This [nuclear technology] is the right of the Iranian people and must be defended. It belongs to all Iranians now and in the future. The heavy water project under construction in Arak, includes a research reactor with an output of 40 mega-watts, while the [research] reactor [in Tehran] has an output of five mega-watts.

Interviewer: So we are building a heavy water research reactor in Arak?

Sa'idi: Yes, we have notified the IAEA of this. It is well aware of it.

Interviewer: Is it related to Uranium enrichment?

Sa'idi: No, it isn't.

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