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Nov 25, 2019
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Iranian Official Dr. Hossein Kachoian: We Created the “Swamp” in Iraq in Order to Prevent America from Reaching Iran; People Who Prevent the Establishment of Intranet in Iran Are Traitors

#7636 | 01:30
Source: IRIB Ofogh TV (Iran)

Tehran University sociologist Dr. Hossein Kachoian, a member of Iran’s Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, said in a November 25, 2019 interview on Ofogh TV (Iran) that those who are unable to turn Iran’s Internet into intranet, or who are preventing this from taking place, are traitors because they are leaving Iran completely exposed to the enemy. He also said that the United States attacked Iraq and Afghanistan as part of a strategy of surrounding Iran and ultimately striking it and that the “swamp” in Iraq that “swallowed” the U.S. had been prepared by Iran in order to foil America’s plans.

Following are excerpts:


Dr. Hossein Kachoian: The people who are unable to turn the Internet [in Iran] into intranet, into something that will be under our control – or perhaps they are preventing this… They are traitors, because this means they are leaving us completely exposed to the enemy. It is as if they are destroying out fortifications and opening a passage for the enemy.




Every measure in the region has been directed against us. There is no doubt about this. No doubt at all. The Americans struck Iraq and Afghanistan in order to strike us. They deployed forces all around us. We were the last ones. The story goes like this: “They schemed, and Allah schemed, but Allah is the best of schemers.” They considered us to be a heavy portion that could not be eaten [in one bite] like Afghanistan. So they said to themselves: “We’d better deploy our forces above and below Iran – from this side and from that side – and prepare our capabilities inside Iran itself, and then strike.” When they came, they were swallowed by the Iraqi swamp. Obviously, we arranged that swamp in Iraq for them, in order to prevent them from reaching us.

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