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Jun 07, 2022
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Iranian Nuclear Chief Dr. Mohammad Eslami: Nuclear Weapons Are Not Part Of Iran's Defense Doctrine; The IAEA Relies On Israel's Lies, Terrorism, Sabotage, And Assassinations

#9613 | 02:25
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Dr. Mohammad Eslami, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), said in a June 7, 2022 interview with Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar) that Israel spreads fabricated information and carry out acts of terrorism, assassinations, and sabotage operations against Iran because of its nuclear program. He asked for how long Iran will have to "demonstrate good will" by abiding by the JCPOA while the other parties do not, and he insisted that Iran's nuclear program is peaceful, citing a supposed fatwa against nuclear weapons made by Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei (see Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1458). In addition, Eslami said that if the nuclear deal collapses, Iran will continue to bolster its nuclear program and will act in accordance with its parliament's decisions. For more about Dr. Mohammad Eslami, see MEMRI TV Clip No 9127.

Dr. Mohammad Eslami: "The [IAEA] relies on fabricated information, on acts of terrorism, on assassinations, on sabotage operations, and on all the measures that can be employed against someone in order to stop a certain process.


"There are some reports and news items that are manufactured by our enemies, and especially Israel. This is psychological warfare with the goal of sabotage.


"Look at Israel's statements recently. They said that if Iran's nuclear program — which is a peaceful program — is not stopped through diplomacy, Israel will do it on its own. Are we living under the law of the jungle?


"For how long will Iran be expected to demonstrate good will, to remain in the JCPOA, and to abide by this agreement, before the other parties return to fulfilling their commitments?


"If there is an agreement and all the parties return to their commitments in full... I am not talking about selective return, but about full return to the nuclear deal... Then, we will ask, through the Foreign Ministry, that the parliament allow us to take the necessary measures. The appropriate course will be taken in accordance with the parliament's decision."


Interviewer: "Let's assume that the nuclear deal completely collapses, and [it's renewal] becomes out of the question. What would this mean to you in terms of the nuclear [program]?"

Eslami: "We will continue to bolster our nuclear program with no hesitation.


"In Iran's defense doctrine, there is no room for nuclear weapons — not to mention the relevant fatwa by the Leader of the Revolution [Khamenei]."


Interviewer: "Is there a possibility that Iran would turn to enriching uranium to 90%?"

Eslami: "This is something that should be decided by the relevant officials and bodies. The only constant in this [equation] is that Iran never decides on policies just for the sake of provocation."

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