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Apr 19, 2020
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Iranian Military Unveils New Radar Systems That Have Ranges of 400-800 Kilometers, Can Reportedly Detect Any Target, Including Stealth Planes, Ballistic Missiles

#7947 | 02:11
Source: IRINN TV (Iran)

On April 19, 2020, the Iranian military unveiled two new locally-made radar systems in a report that was aired by IRINN TV (Iran). The first system, the Khalij-e Fars radar system, reportedly has a range of 800 kilometers, uses HF frequencies, has "three-dimensional capabilities," and was developed in cooperation with Iran’s Defense Ministry and startup companies. The second system, called Moragheb, reportedly uses phased array technology and has a range of 400 kilometers.

Narration: "First is the Khalij-e Fars radar system, which has a range of 800 kilometers. This adds something extraordinary to the military's anti-aircraft capabilities. It was created by the military, in cooperation with the Defense Ministry and startup companies."

Abdolrahim Mousavi: "This system is designed for the detection of any target with any radar cross-section, including stealthy targets, since it uses HF frequencies with considerable range."

Narration: "Second is the Moragheb radar, which has a range of 400 kilometers and which uses phased array technology."

Abdolrahim Mousavi: "The Moragheb radar helps defend and control (our) airspace."

Narration: "These systems were made in Iran and now serve the young officers of our military."

Alireza Sabahifard: "Both systems are 100% Iranian-made and they can be compared to similar foreign-made systems. We simultaneously monitor all flights in Iran and abroad and all systems are ready for any type of action."

Speaker: "In the coming days, we will certainly hear more about these two systems, even from foreign media sources. Specifically, we will hear about the Khalij-e Fars system, which has a range of 800 kilometers and three-dimensional capabilities. It shows the targets on the screen, from ballistic missiles to stealth planes. It will serve the national heroes of our Air Defense (Corps) and monitor every activity."

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