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Mar 05, 2014
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Iranian Military Receives New Ballistic Missiles, Official Threatens the US

#4174 | 02:35
Source: Al-Alam Network (Iran)IRINN TV (Iran)

The following are excerpts from Iranian television reports about new missile systems received by the IRGC. The reports aired on Al-Alam TV and IRINN TV on March 5, 2014:

Narrator: The Aerospace Organization of the Iranian Defense Ministry handed ballistic missiles and air-defense system over to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps and to the Khatam Al-Anbia air-defense base. The ceremony was attended by Iranian Minister of Defense Hossein Dehghan, who praised the defense industries, saying that they proved Iran's retaliation capabilities. Dehghan said that the threats by Iran's enemies are nothing more than verbal escalation. He added that his country is fully capable of defending its borders. Dehghan said that these missiles are highly precise and maneuverable, and are capable of evading the enemy's defenses and radar systems.


Hossein Dehghan: These missile systems constitute a great accomplishment. These systems are highly precise and maneuverable.


Mohamad Hassan Asfari: Despite the sanctions by America and the West, Iran has strengthened its defense infrastructure, with no foreign help. We have the capability to respond in a decisive and quick manner to any military act against Iran. This includes America, which says that all options are ready. We say to the Americans that they must act rationally, and give up the [language] of force, pressure, and arrogance. If the Americans and Zionists try to do anything against Iran, we will retaliate by striking all the American targets with our missiles in the region. These missiles are meant to provide security to Iran and its neighbors in the Persian Gulf.


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