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Apr 04, 2024
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Top Iranian Generals Mohammad Bagheri And Hossein Salami On Missile, UAV Attack Against Israel: The Operation Achieved Its Goals; Israel's Air Defenses Were Incapable Of Dealing With The Attack; U.S. Failed To Thwart The Operation

#11019 | 02:42
Source: IRINN TV (Iran)

On April 14, 2024, IRINN TV [Iran] aired a press conference in which Iranian Armed Forces Chief of Staff IRGC General Mohammad Bagheri and IRGC Commander-in-Chief General Hossein Salami spoke about the same-day Iranian missile and UAV attack against Israel. General Bagheri said that the operation achieved its goals and that Iran does not intend to continue the operation further, unless Israel acts against Iran. He said that the operation was targeted at the Israeli intelligence base and airbase from where the April 1, 2024 attack against the Iranian consulate complex in Damascus was planned and launched. Bagheri also claimed that Israel's air defenses and Iron Dome system were incapable of dealing with the attack, asserting that the targets were "significantly destroyed." He also said that the U.S. failed to thwart the attack. General Salami said that the operation has created a "new equation" according to which Iran will retaliate from its own soil against any Israeli attack on Iranian interests.

Mohammad Bagheri:  "The operation was planned to target the large intelligence center at Mount Hermon, on the border between Syria and occupied Palestine, which had provided the Zionists with the intelligence for their crime, as well as the Nevatim Airbase, where the F-35 planes are located, and from where they had taken off to attack our consulate in Damascus. Allah be praised, both these centers were significantly destroyed and have become inoperative.


"Neither the Iron Dome nor the Zionist regime's missile defense systems were able to deal in a meaningful way with our capabilities and with this operation, and this operation has achieved its goals.


"According to our intelligence, the [U.S.] did all it could to defend the Zionist regime in the airspace of Iraq and Jordan. The U.S. tried to thwart this operation, but it too failed, and Allah be praised, the operation achieved its goals. As far as we were concerned, the operation has achieved its goals in full, and is over. We do not intend to continue this operation, but if the Zionist regime acts against the Islamic Republic of Iran, whether in our territory or in our centers in Syria or elsewhere, our next operation will ne much larger in scope."


Hossein Salami: "We have decided to create a new equation. The new equation is as follows: From now on, every attack by the Zionist regime against our interests, assets, people, or citizens anywhere will be met with a retaliation from the [soil] of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Operation True Promise is a clear and notable example of this new equation." 

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