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Feb 29, 2016
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Iranian Majlis Member Nader Qazipour: The Majlis Is No Place for Women or Donkeys

#5369 | 43
Source: BBC Persian (The UK)

Against the backdrop of the Iranian elections, held on February 26, 2016, Iranian Majlis member Nader Qazipour said that the Majlis is "no place for children or donkeys" and that it is "no place for women. It is a place where only men belong." The address was posted on the Internet on March 1.


Nader Qazipour: "It was not easy for us to build this country, so we will not give it away easily to any little boy or any fox. The Iranian parliament is no place for children or donkeys. The Iranian parliament is no place for women. It is a place where only men belong. If you send women to be parliament members, they will face catastrophes and your honor will be violated."


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