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Oct 24, 2004
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Iranian Leader Khamenei on Jihad: "Jihad is one of the gates to paradise."

#302 | 05:44
Source: Sahar TV (Iran)

The following are excerpts from an address by Iranian leader Ali Khamenei:

Ali Khamenai: Jihad means to strive for the lofty values. That is why it has been said that Jihad is one of the gates to heaven. Notice the manifestations of material militarism in the world. In addition to the American and British forces that operate officially in Iraq, there are tens of thousands of mercenaries wearing military uniforms and fighting for money alone. They show no mercy to the elderly, women, and defenseless innocents. Likewise, they show no respect for the sanctity of people's homes. That is what military establishment means, according to material logic and the dictionary. Whoever is killed this way is killed in vain, like an animal who dies and is thrown in the garbage.

On the other hand, a person who enters the battleground in defense of the people, the homeland, justice, and truth and fights the aggression that is imposed by the forces of global rule and he resists its arrogance and haughtiness, whoever fights for these values – such a person, even if no one knows him and he is killed anonymously, Allah's angles point to him in heaven. "Do not consider those who are slain in the cause of Allah as dead." Such people are live eternal life, and they give inspiration.

When this sort of spirit prevails in an army, it becomes invincible. You have seen how a few young men in Lebanon, who don't have any sophisticated weapons, succeeded, with the weapon of faith, to accomplish a great deed, which all the Arab armies, with their modern weapons, could not accomplish. They beat the Israeli army, which is armed to the teeth with the most modern of weapons. They defeated it and branded a mark of shame on its forehead. These young men had no heavy weapons, new tanks, or airplanes, but with the weapon of faith and self-confidence and by placing their trust in the divine power, they made the most our of their primitive and simple weapons, until the strongest army, with the most modern weapons was reduced to helplessness. This is the secret of Muslim victories throughout history.

We do not allow, and Allah willing, we will never allow, our enemies' hated and blood-stained claws to control our country's resources once again. We stand firm before the enemies and resist them by placing our trust in Allah, believing in ourselves and in this people. We praise the greatness of this nation and we are proud of our young men and their ability. We are certain that when this great nation, with its zealous and faithful youth, women, and men resist the enemy in all circumstances, it will let it taste defeat once more.

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