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Sep 02, 2016
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Iranian Kurdish Leader Mustafa Hijri Calls for Secular, Democratic Federal Iran, Says: We Have Been Forced to Return to Armed Struggle

#5704 | 02:30
Source: Al-Arabiya Network (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)

Mustafa Hijri, Secretary-General of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, said, in a recent TV interview that Peshmerga cells carried out attacks against the IRGC in Iranian Kurdistan and had "finished off some well-known security officers." We want to achieve our rights "within the framework of a united Iran, which will be a secular and democratic federal state," he said, adding that they had the support of the Kurdish public. Hijri was speaking in an Al-Arabiya TV interview on September 2.


Following are excerpts



Mustafa Hijri: "The Iranian regime acts as a powerful regime for the world to see, and has stated on more than one occasion that it has finished off all the forces of the Iranian opposition, which demands its rights, claiming that the Iranian opposition is finished. In light of this and other things, we were forced to return to our armed struggle, by sending squads and cells from our Peshmerga forces into Iranian Kurdistan, to carry out operations against the IRGC. In addition, we were subject to pressure from the Kurdish public to restore the armed struggle in order to protect them from the oppression of the security forces and the government."






"In our recent operations, many of the civilians cooperated with our forces. Our party has a large popular base among the civilians. They helped our military wing, the Peshmerga, in its recent operations against the IRGC. This means that we will maintain our popular support, even if we resume our armed struggle. Even prior to these operations, the political struggle of the Kurds in Iran never stopped. Recently, before we resumed our armed struggle, there were cells that finished off some well-known security officers, due to their barbaric conduct in the areas of Iranian Kurdistan, and in revenge for their oppression of the civilians."






"From day one, our demands have been national Kurdish demands of the highest degree. With regard to human rights, they will be guaranteed once our national rights have been guaranteed. We want to achieve these rights within the framework of a united Iran, which will be a secular and democratic federal state, where the Kurds and the other national groups in Iran will be able to practice their right to self-determination in their regions, within the framework of a sovereign state, and to participate in running the Iranian state, in light of a construction that will protect the secularism and democracy of the state.





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